Saturday, November 27, 2004

A Foot of Snow!

Arrived at the camp for the second weekend of dear season last night. We had maybe an inch of snow on the ground on arrival and now we have one foot!


Friday, November 26, 2004

Off to the second weekend of deer camp.

Yes, it is almost time again to leave for the second and final weekend of the WI deer hunting season. Time to get away again and take it easy, spend some time in the woods.

Have a good one!

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Two Term President.

Wisconsin State Journals silly editorial.

I was in Madison this week and took in an editorial by the Wisconsin State Journal. In it they blame the murders in Meteor on you guessed it the gun. They also ran an insulting cartoon which essentially insulted deer hunters who hunt with semi-automatic guns.

First off, contrary to claims that few if any hunters use the SKS and similar guns is wrong. For Wisconsin deer hunting most shots are relatively close. You do not need a sub-minute gun (by sub-minute I am referring to guns that can consistently place shots within 1/60th of a degree, for instance shooting at 100 yards a sub-minute gun can consistently place shots within an inch of each other) for most of the shooting that happens in Wisconsin. I have seen instances where an SKS is not accurate enough but those instances are very few.

Two, many hunters carry guns which for intents and purposes are identical to the SKS, they are semi-automatics. Marcus for instance walks into the deer woods with a semi-auto. This gun though is more craftily constructed and I would trust it to approach minute accuracy (the shooter is the problem here).

Three, what is an assault rifle? You tell me since you know so much about guns! Assault rifle is nothing but a scarey name the gun-grabbers dreamt up to try to achieve their goal of banning ALL private gun ownership in the USA. Another similar term I have heard but have not seen catch on is: "civilian sniper rifle". How Orwellian!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Claudia and I want to wish all a warm and Happy Thanksgiving!

Remember if you live in the USA or the West in general your problem is not going to be one of want but one of excess. Even the pooreset amongst us are much better off then many people throughout the world. I know someone somewhere might take this to mean I do not believe there are no hungry people or homeless people around, do not jump to that conclusion. But even the people we generally consider the poorest are often better off than those in the middle class of quite a few nations. I read somewhere that the rate of air conditioner ownership is higher amongst our welfare class than it is in the UK's middle class.

Anyway to you our friends and family who read this, Claudia and I are most thankful for you.


Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Claudia & Marcus are a bit down.

Claudia & Marcus Aurelius are a little down of late.

Some very dear friends are moving away and we will miss them greatly. We only recently met them, Augustus is from a neighboring state and Adria is from the same island that Claudia originates from. We met just last July/August at the St. Bernadette's Church Picinic. Most of you involved in similar relationships have lived this story too. Claudia was browsing the rummage sale and she bumped into Adria, one of them asked the other if they were a Phillipian. Indeed!

I then was introduced to Adria & Augustus and we hit it off immediately. I put out very tentative feelers to see if Augustus was for Georgius or Jno (the Presidential candidates). He was for Georgius! So we did not have to tip-toe around that topic and we just found all four of us were suited for each other. In fact Augustus is as conservative as myself and so too is his family. Augustus and Adria were also eager to help with the University of Santo Tomas Singers concert that me and some other friends were putting on. They also eagerly stepped up to help out with NEW Bayanihan's Project PEN. They will return for the benefit but obviously can no longer help with it.

Anyway Augustus just received a promotion that locates him near his family and friends. Claudia and I helped them do some packing tonight and they left to drop off their belongings and to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family. They will have one more load when they return and will be departing Appleton December early.

We can not certainly hold them back when he gets a good promotion and a chance to be with his parents (who are in their mid-80s and still farming), but good friends are hard to find. Claudia particularly likes Adria, and Claudia sings Adira's praises to an extent I have not heard since Claudia joined me here. I too am down since it is hard to find good people who share of themselves as much as Augustus and Adria do.

Anyway we are planning a trip with them this summer overseas and perhaps next fall we can go visit them and shoot some pheasents.

And so it goes.

With cell phones and the internet we are really not that far away anymore.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Opposition is not racist in itself.

Allen Colmes tried to tell Michael Reagen that opposition to a given minority candidate is not in itself racists and just perhaps principled.

No doubt, most of the opposition to candidates such as Condi Rice or Justice Thomas and so on is based upon principle (albeit bad principle) but the way that opposition is voiced is quite nasty and yes racist.

When talking about how President Bush's committment to getting minorities into senior levels of government come up, the left usually claims one of two broad cases.

Tokenism. The famous line is "inclusion illusion". This is easily refutable by looking at the composition of recent cabinets. Quite frankly Jesse Jackson can talk all he wants but in the end action counts not talk.

Uncle Tom. The other tack the left usually takes is to dismiss the nominated minority as some sort of stupid fool who is betraying the cause of minorities. This is particularly egregious because it persecutes those who do not agree with the group.

No, opposition to Dr. Rice is not based on race but the left is void of arguments to defeat her so the hate comes pouring out. Do not even get me started on what would happen if the roles were reversed.

Tedd Ralls.

Just saw Tedd Ralls on Hannity and Colmes.

What a reprehensible human being. Recall he was the fellow who called Pat Tillman an idiot. He was on defending a cartoon that used racicst stereotypes in criticizing the Rice nomination. Also, he penned a cartoon criticizing 9/11 widows who received compensation via the Red Cross.

You know, I can understand opposition to the war in Iraq, it is a tougher sell, but how can one not see Afghanistan for what it is? Keep it up Ted, you are helping the Conservative cause!

Friday, November 19, 2004

Aunt Jemima Comment.

The comment by John Sylvester is finally getting some media play.

WHBY's morning man Jay VanStiphout mentioned the story this morning with an amazement that Madison hadn't erupted over the comment. His take was the average Madison listener would be upset. He is wrong the average Madison listener would be nodding in agreement.

Political correctness is soooo maddening not because it applies to everyone, but because there are exemptions.

Bill Maher's show "Politically Correct" is an example of this. They would stand up and rip and rail on conservatives and Christians and then claim this was a sign of political incorrectness. Nothing could be farther from what PC really is about. PC is about not offending specially designated victim groups. If you are not a member of a victim group then it is open season on you.

Condeleeza's membership in the conservative club trumps everything else and therefore it is quite acceptable to use racial stereotypes to vilify her.

I ran into an example of this when defending Margaret Thatcher some years ago. I was in a discussion with a woman about the female heads of state and how the West lacks them. I pointed out they were not lacking, the UK had Margaret Thatcher, my neighbor hissed back at me "Margaret Thatcher is no woman!".

The left can be so disconnected from reality.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Political Correctness.

Political correctness is not about being sensitive to all groups, it is about being sensitive to "protected groups". For example a radio talk show host in Milwaukee uses an epithet on the air and provokes all sorts of outrage including a letter co-signed by many of our WI legislators. AFAIK he is still not back on the air.

However, a prominent supporter of Senator Feingold calls Condeleeza Rice "Aunt Jemima" and not a peep. Condeleeze being a prominent and solid member of conservative-land does not merit the same protection.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Apparently Jaques Chirac has said to the UK that backing us in Iraq has won them nothing. He should know. Backing Saddam earned his nation all sorts of lucrative oil contracts, lots of kickbacks and bribes from Saddam.

The French as emobdied by Jaques Chirac are no friends of liberty.

The Marine Shooting.

Some fuss is being made about the Marine killing the Iraqi in Fallujah. Why? Reminds me of Apocolypse Now where Sheen's character says we saw them in half with a machine gun and then offer them a bandage. That Marine was on the scene and is a much better judge of what was a hazard and what was not. I wonder how many of our soldiers were killed by such trickery.

That embed should lose his right to Marine protection.

Monday, November 15, 2004


My unusual pessimism with regards to Fallujah appears to have been wrong. IIRC last April the number of dead in the Fallujah raid was about 100 or so and we only were able to occupy 1/4 of the city. Right now we have control of the city with about 40 or so dead soldiers.

Last April was clearly a case of underestimating the enemy. Our commanders must remember many of those fighting are professional soldiers from the former Iraqi Army and most likely from the Republican Guard and other higher quality units. Plus the Saddam Fedeyeen are still there. Now it appears the remaining resistance in fighting is from Fallujah Fedeyeen types and suicidis.

The Belmont Club has been doing some quality blogging on the fight going on in Fallujah and more importantly on "The Sunni Triangle Battle" which is how we need to view the situation in Iraq. The Belmont Club has links to the "Command Post" and "Winds of Change" which are info-rich sources as well.

Friday, November 12, 2004


I have not yet commented on the passing of Yasser Arafat.

Years ago when I lived in the Middle East I stuck up for the man. For one reason, because he was the most reasonable of those in position of power amongst the Palestinians. It was Yasser or Hamas, I choose Yasser. I never viewed him as a good man or anything like that.

He wa a crime boss. The people of Palestine now have an oppurtunity. I fear though they will not miss this oppurtunity to miss an oppurtunity. I can not recall who said it but (Dennis Ross comes to mind but I do not know) the Palestinians are a group of people who never miss an oppurtunity to miss an oppurtunity. Indeed.

Before you get to rosy about Yasser remember he was responsible for the killing of many many people. The 72 Munich game terror attack, the killing of American diplomats, a civil war in Jordan and Lebanon.

One last note. In my sophomore year at Reedsville HS I took the general shop class and overview of drafting, woodworking and machine shop. One of our first assignments was to by hand magnify an image. We overlayed a grid on an image and then drew the image onto another piece of paper with an expanded grid on it. Then one would draw grid by grid. This non-artist (I can not draw a convincing stick-figure) did remarkably well.

Anyway, the image I chose to expand was a political cartoon, I found in the local newspaper. It was an image of Yasser Arafat walking out of a nation (he had just been ejected from a country, can not remember which one) on the case containing his machine gun, he had bumper stickers of all the nations ("I Love LIbya", "Lebanon is for Lovers" and the like) he had been ejected from. It was funny in the way such cartoons are.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Political Violence Hits Home?

Was stopped at a red light yesterday as was the fellow behind me. I am waiting for the light to turn green when all of a sudden the guy behind me @$$-ends me! He was a young FIB and since there was no real reason for the @$$-ending I assume he did it intentionally. When the light turned green we went down the road and I pulled over and motioned for him to do likewise. He did not.

No damage was done to the car.

I am guessing he did not like my bumper sticker.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Bless it all!

Yes, I like Michelle Malkin's comment about Red vs Blue state Charity quite a bit but the multiple blogs on the topic are due to the fact I could not tell if the blog was getting published or not.

I would write it up, publish it and the publication progress indicator kept spinning at 0% published so I could not tell if the blog was published. See the note just befor the latest Red Vs. Blue state, it is a test note.

Oh well!

Red Vs. Blue Charity.

Michelle Malkin posted some data to show that Red states are more charitable than Blue states. Apparently the question Red Staters say yes to is: "Am I my brother's keeper" and the Blue staters answer yes to: "Is my government my brother's keeper".


Testing out Blogger Beer. I have been trying to post a note about a point raised by Michelle Malkin and have not been able to do so.

We will see.

Red vs. Blue State Charity.

Red States are more charitable than the Blue states.

The Red States practice the Blue States preach. The Red states say Yes when asked if they are their brother's keeper, the Blue states say "My government is my brother's keeper".

See Michelle Malkin's blog about this.

Red vs. Blue on Charity.

Winner Red States!

Apparently in the Blue States the question they answer yes to is: "Is my government my brother's keeper" not "Am I my brother's keeper".

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

John Perry Barlow's discussion.

John Perry Barlow a fellow who wrote songs for the Grateful Dead and one of the Electronic Freedom Foundation's leaders had an interesting article about the election. No, he was not supporting the President. The title is Magnanimous Defeat

He talks about sitting down with a young Bush supporter and soldier from one of the Red states and found out he was not the racist homophobic monster the left is trying to portray Republicans as. He listens instead of lectures. He talks about how he in the course of their discussion he felt the young soldier was off in some of his facts (we obviously have a different take, but that was not the point) but that was not the point of their discussion.

Mr. Barlow also notes the nation survived other Republican administrations (of course) and we must recall the nation survived Democratic ones as well.

The overriding theme of the article was to respect and understand our political opponents. My wife and I have some terrific friends who live in Wausau. We enjoy visiting them and they enjoy our company as well. Alex (not his real name) is a door-knocking, phone dialing Democrat. As you know I am the same for the Republicans. We have informally set boundries about politcal discourse and we do not cross them. I let him have his say from time to time and he lets me have my say from time to time. We exchange little barbs from time to time but we understand that neither of us is out to destroy the nation.

Of course the discussion touched off by the article appears not to have paid much attention. The follow-up comments from readers were mostly of "Republicans are hateful dummies" but there were some thoughtful comments. There were some Bush supporters making comments as well. There is plenty of the bomb throwing and the like.

Mr. Barlow clearly understands the nature of the Left's defeat.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Paying Twice for the Same Real Estate.

That is what is going on in Fallujah. Back in April when our soldiers were fighting for Fallujah they were making progress and then a halt was called for and our forces withdrew. I wrote our congressman back then this was a very bad idea and how we were going to pay for it. That is what we see happening right now. Our forces are having to pay again for real estate dearly gained in April.

I can not lay claim to the "paying twice for the same real estate" it comes from the movie Patton and while I have not seen any record of Patton actually saying that it summarizes his battle philosophy.

Do not worry about it.

The Left in this country is really starting to work itself into a frenzy over the elections. If you think 2000-2004 was bad, I think that was just patty-cake.

In any event do not worry about what they are going to do to us worry about doing to them. By this I mean those of us of conservative bend must act to advance OUR agenda. We must act to further cement our conservative majority. We are winning, the snarky infantile comments of NY-Times columnists should give us encouragement. They do not argue facts they argue ad-hominem!

If the Democratic movement does not snap itself out of this soon the Democrats may become a third party. The Libertarian Party is the only obstacle to the Libertarian Party from displacing the Democrats.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Welcome Chubbius Maximus.

Welcome to Chubbius Maximus. Anxiously await your blogs!

Get a load of this!

A man from Georgia, despondent over the election gets a case of self-induced lead poisoning at Ground Zero.

Here is the link: to the New York Post about the story. I tell you, one is obviously saddened by the event but doesn't ones life have bigger goals or problems?

Get over it and get on with your lives.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Quality (Liberal) Paperback Book Club.

Just recieved a pitch from Quality (Liberal) Paperback Book Club. They had all sorts of books but when it came to books of a political nature their pitch only presented one sort of book.

The authors include Michael Moore, Molly Ivins, Al Franken, Noam Chomsky, Richard Clarke, and Garrison Keillor. I did not see one author I would consider coming from the right. I would say the authors presented are high saints of the church of illeberalism.

What a minute you say "illiberalism"? Yeap. The modern leftist movement is not liberal but against liberalism.

I was considering refusing the pitch and returning to sender, but I will just toss it.

The Political Violence Goes On.

The political violence goes on. Powerline Blog reports on an incident in Raleigh North Carolina. A Republican office was vandalized and evidence suggests the vandals attempted to set the place on fire.

Give up your hate!

Friday, November 05, 2004

A warning to soc-cons.

Over at the Volokh Conspiracy Randy Barnett talks about membership in diverse coalitions. One comment in particular makes sense but only superficially. That comment is:

My own view on how to maintain the winning coalition is Grover Norquist's: the "leave-us-alone" strategy, which happens to fit our original Constitution (as amended). This entails leaving gay marriage (which I support) to the states...

Too late! Gay marriage is already spilled outside of the states. When Massachussets legalized same-sex marriage it set up a time bomb of federal proportions. In fact, I am surprised the legal bomb has not yet exploded.

What I see coming up are two same-sex spouses from Massachussetts moving into another stete. They then demand treatment as a married couple and when they do not get it, they run to the courts demanding the full-faith and credit clause of the Constitution be enforced. It will happen, when is the question.

This makes it a federal issue that state constitutions will not be able to resist. This means federal action must be taken to protect a state's decision on this topic. An federal marriage amendment should state the only marriages enforceable via full-faith and credit are man-woman unions. This does not stop any state from allowing same sex marriages in its jurisdictions, it stops one state from dictating to the other 49 what marriage should be.

Canadian Immigration Website Deluged

by down Democrats looking to escape America. Thane Burnett of the Ottawa Sun is giving advice on how to be Canadian to those seeking escape America: "As Canadians, you'll have to learn to embrace and use all the products and culture of Americans, while bad-mouthing their way of life,". From Netscape Network News.

Sounds about right!

Hunter Thompson

Picked up on this story via Drudge. Hunter S. Thompson is not happy. Makes one warm on the inside doesn't it?

Democratic Monkey Business in Milwaukee.

Powerline notes that Democratic operatives are being questioned for the slashing of the GOP get out the vote vans.

The Left does not understand.

Am participating in a newsgroup discussion over in entitled Kerry would ration healthcare & raise taxes. The conversation right now appears to be between four separate individuals with about a 3-1 split.

This one person is echoing "the voters are dumb" theme.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Rush was Right about ill wishes from the Dems!

"From a Democratic perspective, what this country needs is a good recession. Barring that, the party needs a candidate who can be comfy talking religion and, once that's established, go on to talk about other things."

Richard Cohen New York Daily News

Of course Richard Cohen does make an interesting point. Howard Dean is only the most vocal of the Democrats who keep telling red-state Americans they are dumb to decide their interests and only Democratic Party politicians can know what those interests are. Until the Democrats can speak about all of the things that matter to people they will be the minority party in this nation.

Charity can be fun!

Working on a project to raise funds for a cancer victim. Her cancer is in remission and she does have insurance, none-the-less she still has serious debt and needs help. Consider joining this worthy and holy cause. See NEW Bayanihan's Project PEN homepage to see how you can help make Northeastern Wisconsin a better place to live.


My Evil Twin?

Just found out there is another blog site with the "Blogger Beer" title. The site appears to be based in the Seattle area. Could be my evil twin!

Elizabeth Edwards.

Apparently was just diagnosed with breast cancer.

I wish her the best and want her to know she will be in our prayers.


Arlen Specter the R(ino) Senator from Pennsylvania is warning the President on Supreme Court nominees.

This is the guy who barely fought off a challenge from Pat Toomey. In fact, Senator Specter relied on the President to help him win the nomination. Then Specter's close supporters were distributing Specter - Kerry signs.

Arlen Specter is not so important after this election as he was before the election. I advise the leaders in the Senate to give him the same thoughts they give to Jumping Jim Jeffords.

Red Map!

Michelle Malkin's blog has a map of the nation. As expected a sea of red with some blue islands here and there.

See for the map!

The MSM Does not Learn.

Incredible! The MSM is spinning the election results to say that President Bush now has a mandate to replace Donald Rumsfeld and John Ashcroft!

They just don't get it do they?

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Passing of Sheik Zayed.

Sheik (say it "shake" not sheek) Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan president of the United Arab Emirates and sheik of Abu Dhabi passed away yesterday. Or it was announced yesterday.

His eldest son Sheik Khalifa has assumed rulership of the Abu Dhabi and Presidency of the UAE. God Bless Sheik Zayed and his grieving nation.


Complete honesty is tough. Actually, honesty with others is not all that hard and most people have that down. To be extraordinary one has to be honest with themselves.

It is easier to blame others for our failures and not own up to our own inadequacies. Unfortunately, the first step to improvement is to own up to our failures and shortcomings and then strive to overcome them. If you say you can not get ahead at work because your boss is a jerk then you will never get ahead.

Will the left be honest with itself and return to its old ways? JFK is a Democrat who would not recognize his own party today. Michael Moore, Jimmy Carter, Georg Soros and Howard Dean should be considered as the 2004 Republican MVPs.

The President's Acceptance Speech.

W's acceptance speech was good. Unfortunately, I do not feel it will do much to move the hearts of his political enemies. The problem with the President's political enemies is not they believe him wrong but they believe him to be evil.

Unity is a two way street, the President has offered his hand before but unity can only happend when his opponents offer their hand in return.

Kerry's Concession.

Concession speeches are hard for me. Even when my guy wins. In Ken Burn's "The Civil War" they talk about how the Union soldier's and leader's reacted to Lee's surrender. They were glad they won but had no heart to gloat over their opponents. The quote I can recall is how can you gloat over a man who just lost fighting his heart for his dearest beliefs, even though they be bad beliefs. Indeed. I reacted the same way to the Gore concession. Up to 9:30 or so yesterday I was fire and fight now the fire is put out and human kindness is back.

Senator Kerry's (I used to refer to them as SKerry & Edweirds and will no longer do so) speech hit the right notes. He defintely wants the campaign season to be over with and to have us all come together again. The biggest event which set us on the current road was not the revelution it was when George Washington's opponent conceded defeat.

Is this going to change the current political climate? In itself no, but the results of this election put to rest the notion of an illegitimate Bush Presidency.

Senators Kerry and Edwards my hat is off to your concession.

The Conventional Wisdom of voter turnout.

The GOP throws it out the window.

The CW on voter turnout is large turnout favors Democrats. In fact in the past typically if a Democrat was within 5% points of their Republican challenger the Dem won. Why? Last minute voter turnout aka "Get out the vote" (GOTV) favored the Dems due to labor unions. Many unions have bargained election day off into their contracts and use that already organized force to perform last minute get out the vote operations. Many Republicans also IMO disdain this work as being contrary to a battle of beliefs.

The CW on 2000 was the President was cruising to a comfortable win then the press busted the OWI October Surprise at the last moment. I don't buy it anymore, it was a reflection of Dem GOTV operations.

President Bush and his team knew in order to win again the GOP would have to come up with an effective GOTV operation. They created their operation modeled on smaller operations in multitudes of other races (e.g. Scott Walker's campaign to become Milwaukee County Executive is frequently cited as a great example of GOTV operations) and developed the 72 Hour Task force.

In the run up to the election the 72 Hour Task Force was one reason I told the President's supporters not to worry. It was based on two observations.

The polls right before the election were in favor of the President by at most 2% points at any time. Now many people say "margin of error" (MOE) it is a tie. While I am no statistics expert my math and physics background and experience tell me, one poll taken by itself you need to look at the results and give the MOE a lot more consideration. When poll after poll starts coming out nearly the same (as they were at the end) then you can start to believe it is an actual result despite the MOE, that is to say the poll measurements on the end despite being MOE-tied were showing the actual state of the electorate (which is what Tuesday's official poll states). To summarize I believed the end of campaign polls to be pretty accurate even before yesterday's results.

How does the 72 Hour Task force fit into this? Recall above where I say in previous elections we needed to be ahead by 5% or more to win due to the Democratic GOTV machinery. In this election the GOP had a nationwide organized GOTV effort. From my view inside my corner of the Bush re-election committee here in Outagamie County I could see this was the real deal. In fact Donna Brazile Gore's 2000 presidential campaign manager saw this coming. She said the GOP was not organizing down to the precinct level but to the block level. A bit of a stretch but not too much so.

I believed the 72 Hour Task Force would at worst make Republican vs. Democrat GOTV a wash. In fact from the anectdotal evidence I would say nationally speaking GOP GOTV effort smashed the Dem efforts. I hear there was 90% turnout in Waukesha County, I hear GOP GOTV in Western Ohio made all the difference in Ohio.

Retail politics if you truly believe in your parties values you will engage in it.


Senator Kerry Concedes!

Fox News is reporting Senator Kerry just phoned President Bush to concede the election.

I am glad this has happened. It certainly made sense for the Kerry Campaign to hang on to make sure .

Senator Kerry you have just performed a very worthy service to our nation! Thank You and congratulations on your very competitive and able campaign.

May God Bless You, your family, President Bush and the United States of America!

Up Yours Too, Michael!

Yes, this "Up Yours" goes to Michael Moore.

It is quite tempting to get a "moon" picture and place it in the blog but this would violate my aim for no more than a PG rating.

Up Yours Georgie!

No, not President George W. Bush, but George Soros.

Have you not learned, George that money can not buy you everything?

(post) Election Day.

Election day is over and anyone who thinks Senators Kerry & Edwards still have a hope is is said it, not I!

Anyway reports indicate that there are about 135,000 provisional/absentee ballots left to count in Ohio and the President's lead in Ohio is about that as well. It is a noble statement to count every ballot but when there is no way those votes are going to cancel out a 135,000 lead!

My home state of Wisconsin is wrapping up its vote counting. Once again a closely fought battle with the last numbers I have seen give Senator Kerry a 14,000 vote lead. Apparently some networks have not yet called WI for the Senator. I guess our absentee and other such ballots are still being counted, hey MSM why do you not call much more solid leads for the President and are quick to call the WI tenuous lead for the Senator? My guess is that there is not a 14,000 vote differential in the yet to be counted votes.

Boy, did Tim Michels get spanked by Senator Feingold. Guess I saw this coming but some poll movement just before the election and a comment on "The Corner" (Or was it "The Kerry Spot" or "Battlegrounders" ) had me hoping

On a local note it does appear Becky Weber lost her bid for re-election. Some prominent officials in Outagamie County who call themselves "Republicans" worked to defeat Becky. Well us real Republicans need to work to defeat them! I will not name names but one is the current County Executive and the other was his opponent in the last County Executive Race.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

An upset in the making?

Reports from National Review have GOP leaders confident of beating Russ Feingold. We will see!

Election Day.

It is election day and I am sitting in an office in the Appleton area, awaiting the arrival of GOTV volunteers. I expect them to start showing up shortly. Will be producing door knocking lists and I hope to get reports of the election day activities going on in our community.

Should be interesting!

First Can of Blogger Beer.


Welcome to Blogger Beer! I am going to comment on events local to the Fox Valley of Wisconsin and yes statewide and national events as well. I hope though, to give things a local twist.

What things in particular will you find here? Conservative politics, comments about the NEW Bayanihan project (see, life in the Fox Valley and whatever I feel like at the moment.

Enjoy your fresh-brewed Blogger Beer!