Friday, December 31, 2004

Relax Marcus.

More votes than voters is one of the things cited by the barking moon-bats in their attempts to find enought votes to declare John Kerry the president of the US. It resulted from double counting votes cast. Perhaps this is what we are seeing here.

Let King County a chance to explain.

Holy Sugar Batman!

Check out Powerline Blog's tidbit that there is monkey business afoot in Washington State's King County. According to their sources:

The number of King County ballots counted in the final tally was 899,199 - 3,539 more than the number of participating voters reported in the county's list.

WOW! Even though the fine folks in King County were finding uncounted votes on an all too regular basis Marcusm, not wanting to associate himself with the barking moonbats who think Kerry won, had resigned himself to a Democratic Gubernatorial victory. This is different!

Let your friends know of this!

Happy New Year!

A very simple blog.

A very happy & prosperous new year to all of you!

Regardless if you are Republican or Democrat. The only people I wish a crappy new year to are those who wish to disrupt elections and quash liberty.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Kofi's Ski Trip.

Kofi Annan was away skiing out west, just now he returns to work.

How much you want to be bet those who constantly carp about President Bush being away from the Whitehouse in times of national crisis will lodge similar complaints about Kofi.

Kofi states he was fully aware of the situation and was doing whatever it is he really does. Of this I have no doubt, people in high positions are never truly on vacation. Their jobs follow them.

As you should be able to tell this blog is NOT critical of Kofi on this just wondering where the barking dogs are.

Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas.

To all who are reading this blog Claudia and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas. May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. I want to make political comment but will refrain.

Marcus & Claudia.



If you are a Viqueen or a Packer fan you know what "arrrrr-ooooooohhhhhh" means. And all I have to say to Viqueen fans is: Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah!



To our Viqueen fan you have a chance to buy a team cheap, just contact Red McCombs for what the Chokqueens are worth you might be able to pick em up for some stale ludefisk.


Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The Belmont Club.

One of the most thoughtful blogs I read is The Belmont Club. The Belmont Club does not crank out prodigious numbers of blogs per day but the ones they do are documented, well researched, and well reasoned. The BC put out a blog today noting how the Left attempts to cover up the attrocities of those we fight.

The main example of this was after the suicide-bomber hit the mess tent in Mosul the terrorists mortar attacked the cleanup scene. They did this knowing full well doctors and rescue personal would be concentrated and in fact their report has a mortar hitting the hospital (the hit had no effect as it was in a reinforced bunker). Furthermore elaborated is the fact the group launching mortar attack obviously had observors and was most likely shooting from a residential area.

The terrorists know full well the USA is held to a double standard. They know full well the left only rages at the USA and willingly covers up or minimizes the actions of the terrorists. Another example of this is few European forensic archeologists are helping with mass grave investigations because Saddam and his henchmen might get death for the crimes.

Most on the left are not too be trusted with our security. Too many can not even be upset when they attack our homeland.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Why religous voters break Republican.

I know I know. You are a religious person and you voted Democrat. Re-read the title please it states "break" which means mostly. Most surveys use weekly church service attendance as the qualification for religious. Those surveys put religious voters firmly in the GOP camp. When self-identification is the criteria it splits evenly.

I have seen much bloviating on the Left as to why this is. It starts off with the usual lines about how GOPers are actually not religious and how they are hateful and .... They believe the Right has hijacked religion.

Nope the Right has not hijacked religion, the Left has revoked its respectable status within its own eyes.

I ask you who do you think the members of the "People for the American Way" vote for? Who do you think ACLU members vote for? Who do you think "Americans for the Separation of Church and State" vote for? I know I know, think in general terms. If we pick a random member of the "Americans for the Sepearation of Church and State" would you bet they voted for Kerry or W? I know who my money is on.

The forces that drive the Democrat Pary are not just suspicious of relgion they are overtly hostile to it and work to stamp it out of public life.

That is why religious voters have turned to the Right.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

To my Democrat Friends.

You may not like what I have to say in certain blogs.

I know some hardcore Democrats. In fact my wife and I are very close to a couple that work as hard for the Dems as I do for the Republicans. This couple is a Winter-Summer relationship. He is still active but in his mid-70s. Antonius' house is full of vintage WWII propaganda posters from our Government (note propaganda is not to be taken negatively here) talking about not being afraid to fight against facism and supporting our soldiers. I find it ironic his party is made up of those who are afraid of those very messages.

Can there be any wonder what the Democrats of today would have done in the 1940s? No, they would be Vichy-ous and Nazism and all of its attendant evils would still be with us. I am calling out to that spirit in the Democratic party. However, I don't think it will come back until the baby-boom generation passes.

President Roosevelt understood the fight was going to happen the question was when and the sooner the better. I wonder if the Army was prepared to fight then?

Powerline Disputes GOTV.

Powerline Blog is disputing that the GOP get out the vote effort made the difference in this election. As long time readers know I do not agree (however, I doubt anyone aside from myself qualifies as a long time reader). See The Conventional Wisdom of Voter Turnout for my thoughts on the topic.

Anyway as I have heard numerous times the Republican Candidate typically needs a a 5% perhaps as little as 3% lead going into the final weekend. W had less and he came out that same lead intact. Turnout operations do not work to convince they work to increase enthusiasm among those already convinced. That is they work on increasing the choir's volume. In Ohio I heard reports that the vote for President, where he was expected to win were greatly increased. This is critical to countering the Democrat avalanches coming out of the Urban areas.

What we need to do is to keep the enthusiasm levels up. What the Democrats need to do (especially in light of another Powerline Blog) is think about what they are about. Are they for a strong America that stands for Liberty or are they cowards who will not stand up to those that will deny them the rights they "courageously" use to bash the President and our Nation?

McCain's comments.

John "McCensor" McCain has declared he has no confidence in Donald Rumsfeld. Actually he is not the only "Republican" of late to do so, Chuck Hagel has done so recently. However, it is McCain the press loves.

It all comes on the heels of the comments from Kuwait.

This is unfortunate because Donald Rumsfeld has done a great job in transforming the military. We do not have the forces we had in Gulf War I and in any event throwing more soldiers into the fight may not actually achieve anything. Of course all of this comes after the answer to the soldier with the questions about armored Humvees.

One of Claudia's godsons (ina-anak in the vernacular) is in the 3rd ID and made the comment about armored humvess to us in July. He was hoping he would have one since the one he normally gets about in was taken from him. No doubt for deployment to Iraq. He was concerned about not getting a armored humvee when he returns to Iraq.

Anyway Donald Rumsfeld comment is similar to one made by Abraham Lincoln to the commander of the Grand Army of the Potomac (GAP) General McDowell. Lincoln had ordered McDowell to attack the Confederates but McDowell had told Lincoln that the GAP needed more training; they were not ready for battle. Abraham retorted that this may be true but the enemy is green too, you are all green alike. Not quite the same but the General did not feel his army was ready for the job but Lincoln told him the time for preparation was over.

If you are a writer, you know you never submit a perfect piece for publication. It always needs one more revision, one more round of editing but you have to publish eventually. We all get this feeling when it comes time to do something risky we want more time to prepare but none of us has unlimited amoutns of time. We must act and too often we err on the side of tardiness rather than rashness.

Rumsfeld and the commanders knew they were not ready but the oppurtunity had come. To demand perfection is a clever way to say we should not have toppled Saddam without having to appear as defending Saddam.

If McCensor wins the 08 nomination for President I will vote for him but not volunteer. I would prefer Giuliani!

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Ann Coulter vs. Chris Lehane.

Chris Lehane is a monumental idiot.

Chris brought up the note that the President received prior to 9/11 stating Osama was going to attack the USA. He suggested (as have many leftists before him) that this memo is prove positive that President Bush did not take terrorism seriously.


The memo stated something that anyone with slight knowledge of Osama bin Laden knew. OBL wanted to attaack America. Jonah Goldberg put it aptly in stating the memo was akin to a warning that bears want to crap in the woods. Duhhhh! The problem is getting information specific enough to act on.

We knew the Japanese were up to something prior to 63 years ago today. We did not know enough though to mount defense against what happened 63 years ago today (for the historically challenged today is the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor). President Clinton knew OBL was up to something in June of '98 but not enough to stop it (recall the East African embassies were hit in July of '98). Did President Clinton put off his vacations prior to July '98?

Saturday, December 04, 2004

The Call.

Do you hear it? God calls out to us constantly. Do you heed the call or ignore it?

Yeah yeah yeah! I know you are thinking that Marcus is off of his schizo meds but this is not true. God's call is not that of the schizo or acid hallucination. When you see a friend in trouble and you are in position to help that is God's call. When you see a wrong to be corrected that is God calling out to you.

Do not refuse God's call but answer it, fight for what is good, decent, and right. The struggle may be hard and long but if the objective is just what is stopping you? Do not be afraid!

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Values again.

One common catch-idea of the Left is we do not need God in our lives to know how to act towards other people. They essentially state that we all have a seventh-sense if you will on morals and values and like our other senses make things self-evident so too do our moral senses.

Yes and no. The reason we have the moral sense we do is because our society is steeped in the values derived from Christianity (which in turn derives its core values from Judaism). If you drop a cotton ball into a cup of tea, the cotton ball will inevitably acquire the characteristic color and flavor of tea (not the texture of course). The same here.

Here in America we all share roughly the same moral senses. One does not need God in their personal life to acquire this moral sense. However, this does not mean God is not needed. In the days before the rise of Christianity in Western lands people had much different moral senses. Rome was not a nice place before Christianity. Remove God and the tea becomes weak.

The Left in its fight to remove God from our society is sowing the seeds of our societies destruction and to set up the rise of illiberalism! People who live together need to share a common moral sense and if they do not there are going to be problems. Evenutally one sense of morality or the other will dominate.

Europe is quicly learning the Islamic moral sense is starting to become the dominant one in their lands and folks, in Islam the separation of church and state is meaningless, church and state are one. Those of you on the Left had better learn that the Taliban is not the political Right and the Taliban do exist and do want to set up a global caliphate.

France, Russia, and Marc Rich.

The Belmont Club has some fascinating posts regarding how France and Russia were actively working against embargo enforcement and in the case of the French were spying on what one of our fleets was doing. The story they relate occurred around the time UN-sponsored U2 flights were to resume and the Saddamites were threatenting to shoot it down. They excerpt an article from a naval journal where French military assets were behaving in contrariness to their published schedules and were "training" very close to US forces. The conclusion was the French were gathering intelligence on behalf of Baghdad.

There is also talk about how Marc Rich of Clinton's end of second term pardonoramma was serving as a middleman to bust the oil for food program.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Values values values.

The Left is trying to wrest the values issue from the Right.

They are soooo misguided. For instance today in the Appleton Post Crescent a frequent leftist contributor wrote a goofy letter on how morals have nothing to do with sexuality.

First off, he is wrong. Morals are all about controlling oneself. Homosexualtiy is wrong and is to be resisted. Yes, there are people who tend to it, but so too are their people who tend to murder. He hitches this arugment to the common one the left is making that it was Homophobia that drove Bush to re-election this is based on the fact that 11 states had anti-gay-marriage props on the ballot and all passed.

Some facts for everyone. Those measures passed with bigger margins than what the President had over John Kerry. Two of the 11 states did in fact vote for John Kerry. Survery after survey shows that oppostion to gay-marriage enjoys much more support than the President does. Opposition to gay-marriage is not just a Republican thing, more than a few Democrats also oppose this. In fact Bill Clinton advised John Kerry to make a public declaration in oppostion to gay-marriage.

The reason why value voters vote Republican is simple. The left's notion of values comes down to a circular firing squad. They sooo lack confidence in the founding principles of the USA and the West at large. Values to the left are not founded on the Rock of Truth (God) but on the sands of popular opinion. In fact the modern Left has worked overtime to destroy the Rock's presence in our society.

Some on the Left are beginning to fathom this. We will see how deeply they understand it of it is just a Hollywood understanding. Do they truly understand where American and Western values come from? Or will their right hands be painting a Godly picture while their left hand is tries to hammer God out of public existence?