Tuesday, October 31, 2006


A Dem congressman:
"I guess Kerry wasn't content blowing 2004, now he wants to blow 2006, too."
ABC News - Did Kerry Hand Republicans a November gift?

Oh no! There goes '06, go go Kerryzilla! Yeeeaaaaaahhhh!

What Can I Say?

That has not been said about John Kerry's all too typical oral flatulence?

Now, John Kerry says that he will not apologize for a criticism of the President.

However, it wasn't that. Intentions and results are not always the same. Especially for John Kerry, GIVEN HIS HISTORY.

Story time boys & girls. I was a young man (some still say I am) around 21-22 or so. I was just out of college with a degree in mathematics and working in a machine shop usually operating CNC machines or performing simple manual machining operations. In a conversation with one of the longtime employees I had stated Oh, I'm looking for a real job. Now, what I meant was a job involving mathematics on a higher level than the math I used around the shop. Of course, many of you recognize it as an insult. Guess what? I didn't recognize the fact I had insulted the man until someone else mentioned it to me.

Now I am older and I hope wiser and I recognize many such instances when I gave insult without intent. I do believe it choked off some worthy friendships (oh well I am not happy about those but they are long time done).

Similarly John Kerry did the same thing. He may think he was insulting President Bush and his script may have called for such an insult (hehehe think of it, a guy who can't tell a scripted joke thought he could be President), but the words, the setting, all of it gave one drift. That impression: IF YOU ARE IN THE MILITARY YOU ARE AN IDIOT.

Reports, have it there were gasps in the audience meaning those in the audience caught the same meaning (regardless what Kerry meant).

There is one way John Kerry can put an end to it. However, he is determined not to pursue that path. Say you are sorry, further explain yourself, and stop fighting the last war.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

On WWII and the WOT.

Over at the Belmont Club Wretchard discusses the sewer line that connects Kabul to Paris. That is, how radical Islamic theology is infiltrating the West. Further contemplation goes into how Europe is responding. A very worthy read but I want to focus on the commentary in the post.

One of Wretchard's lurking (and occasional vocal critic) will condescend to him and his commentators how they are all a bunch of WWII junkies looking to force current events into a WWII narrative much akin to a 300 lb. woman trying to fit into a size 8 dress.

First there are many parallels to WWII to what the world is undergoing right now. However some people I think do pine too much for a WWII mindset. Essentially that mindset is "kill 'em all and let God sort them out". Now, there is a time and place for that (lets pray it doesn't come to that) and this is what President Bush is trying to prevent! I know I know. Lefty is piping up President Bush is killing them all. Well, I am here to have a rational discussion not to answer hysterics.

The battle rages across the Mohammedan Arc.
The NATO commanders are looking to negotiate with the Taliban in Afghanistan. Looking to replicate the Warizistan Agreement the General President obtained with the Taliban, there.

The poppy fields are expanding, funding Mohammedan Operations from Afghanistan to Holland.

Yet, here at the BC the accumulated wisdom debates the ideology of secularism.
Source: Commentary by Desert Rat at The Belmont Club
What this mentality doesn't give enough recognition to is people have no idea what we are fighting for. The left thinks it is just a bunch of power hungry politicians trying to whip up the masses or kooky Christians trying to kill kooky Islamists (kooky as in those rubes who believe in religion). Even after an attack way more provocative than Pearl Harbor all the left can do is to blame the President. The only people who I've seen are cynical about Pearl Harbor is Pat Buchanan and even then his angle is not it was an inside job but a result of FDR's government meddling affairs in which US foreign policy didn't belong. He has every bit as much a case on that as the current crop of US critics do.

The key as President Bush sees (and the nasty evil neo-cons) it is to spur an Islamic reformation similar to the one Christianity underwent.

Islam is undergoing a reformation. However, at the moment it is going in the Christian reformation's opposite direction. The Christian reform set the stage for the West's current situation. Those with the upper hand in the Islamic reformation want to go the opposite way, want to make the Taliban way the way for Greenwich Village. Think Greenwich Village supports the WOT, well you know the answer:
After Sayyid Qutb was scandalized by Harry Truman's America he was later brutalized by Gamal Abdel Nasser's prisons. It may have been the low cut dresses of American women that first planted the seed which was to grow into al-Qaeda's ideology but it was the blood shed by Marxist torturers that watered it. Qutb and later Osama bin Laden saw Marxism and secularism as agencies of the Devil; but to destroy them it was first necessary to destroy the world's system administrator: the USA. One of the real ironies of the War on Terror is that the most hated targets of al-Qaeda, the culturally liberal — the gays, feminists, entertainers, civil libertarians, artists and novelists — are its [The War on Terror] most vocal critics.[emphasis added]
Source: From Kabul to Paris - The Belmont Club
It is only with the support of the left can we engage in all out war against Islamism and in any event do we really want that? Is it yet any more necessary than engaging in all out war against those who hold a literal interpretation of the Bible?

Dr. Kagen's Alan Moment.

I reported to you sometime ago I met Dr. Kagen and his wife.

In our discussion I noted how in a senate race the two candidates were disputing who said what 30-40 years ago. Of course, the "Alan Moment" is George Alan throwing a word characterized as a racial epithet at one of Webb's campaign staff members.

I will not rehash what Dr. Kagen (See the BBA for more details. Another site to see is Michelle Malkin's) said but it is quite obvious D - R = license to use racial epithets without serious rebuke. Some may it is unfair but you know what, this is a fact of life. Leftists do not face the same consequences conservatives face when using a racial epithet. In fact, I would say this is natural like a chipmunk in air faces different consequences than a fish in air.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Welcome To The Blogsophere!

Shock. Overwhelming shock. The Post-Crescent Sunday said Governor Doyle has a “pretty good track record.” Pretty good. Just what Wisconsin deserves. Kind of like this year’s Packers. Pretty good.

And Doyle is more “believable.” What? Believable is determined by one’s basic political beliefs. Believe what you want about the issues, but don’t tell me one of these two very qualified public servants is more believable. Be more honest. Tell me you believe more strongly in his basic fiscal policies.
Gannett: Liberal bastion in a sea of red ink? - FoxPolitics.net (Jo Egelhoff)
So begins Fox Politics by Jo Egelhoff. Jo is a friend of mine and is a frequent contributor to WisPolitics. So, FoxPolitics.com is going to be a proud Blogger Beer blogroll addition!

X-Posted at the Badger Blog Alliance.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Webhost Frustrations

What is really frustrating about the webhost situation is my favorite of the websites is starting to bring in ad revenue when its up its harvesting $, but its down.

A Week in front of the Computer is Followed by...

a weekend in front of the computer. If it wasn't bookwork, it was blogging and keeping up to speed on the blogs or programming.

The webhost I use for the websites I run is real dodgey of late. While I went out on the web and found a number of website monitoring websites if you wanted something more than one website and once per hour monitoring and multiple alerts you had to pay for it.

So today I set out and started working on my own web-monitor system. I have a basic PERL script setup so it can read a webpage and pick off a text phrase in the page. While it is doing this it tries to take measure of the response time. However, the timer I am currently using does not have sufficient resolution so I did a little digging and found another approach (that will have to await).

Hehehe, got home from church and ran my little monitor system and it found my websites....down!

At least I got caught up on my bookwork. Still more to do but its moving along.

Tomorrow back on the road.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

No Fantasy Football.


My cousin said by my political is a team sport blogs he can tell I don't participate in any fanstasy football leagues. ROFLMAO! That is true.

I guess if you are in a fantasy football league you do cheer on players opposed to each other. Well, I am not in any fantasy football league nor am in a fantasy politician league.

Monday, October 16, 2006


And don't forget the Tali-Tubby! (whom BTW was obviously born before Roe V. Wade) ROFLMAO!

Hehehe, I came up with Hezbol-lah-lah independently, but I failed to follow through. Fortunately, Red Square hit it!


And don't forget the Tali-Tubby! ROFLMAO!

Hehehe, I came up with Hezbol-lah-lah independently, but I failed to follow through. Fortunately, Red Square hit it!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Coffee of Home

Is always the best coffee. I have had Starbucks (or as I have seen it labeled Charbucks) coffee, I get free coffee at work, I have had all sorts of uniquely flavored coffee (with two shots) from stores and other people's home.

However, the coffee of home is the best coffee of all. I am sitting in front of my workstation (and yes WCPE is supplying the music) a hot cup of coffee at my side. Soon, I will enter the best shower (mine) in the world and get ready for church.

It is good to wake up and see my lovely wife laying next to me. It is good to feel at ease knowing for all day long one is at (or at least around) home. It is good to laze around at home doing not much in particular (knowing I can switch off laze mode and get to doing something). It is good to know that tonight I will sleep in my own bed.

Tomorrow that changes. I will leave home and spend the week in a motel. I will laze around after work without the ability to do switch out of laze mode (Monday Night Football doesn't quite interest me). I will write a bit, I will mindlessly surf the 'Net. I will wake up alone in a bed slept in by countless strangers. I will suffer countless leftist bumper stickers.

Tomorrow I will drink the watery coffee (free of charge), I will miss the coffee of home.

Meeting Dr. Kagen.

Last night I met Democrat candidate for Wisconsin's Eighth Congressional District. Dr. Steve Kagen, who is the personal friend of a friend of mine. First it was just hi and a handshake but later on my friend introduced me to his wife and he came up and we had a little discussion. He was definitely courting my vote and support.

Well, as you may know technically I hold a position on the board of my county GOP. So there was an interesting point of discussion. No big deal in fact Dr. Kagen pointed another person who is active in my county GOP is a supporter of his. Well I had to bite my tongue real hard because the widely held view by many in the party is that fellow is in the wrong party. Plus someone else pointed out to me candidate Kagen and this other fellow are longtime friends.

No, there is no changing of whom I support here. Politics is a team sport and while I found Dr. Kagen to be a decent man, he will be caucusing with Democrats and there is no way I can support anyone who will vote the likes of Nancy Pelosi and John Conyers into positions of more power.

This is where the idea of voting for the best candidate falls on its face. I do not go to the Packer game and cheer for Brett Farve and then cheer for Brian Urlacher (a Bear) because I support the best players on the field. No, I cheer for the Packers because that is my team.

Similarly for politics. I do not support the best player on the field at a given time I identify which team most closely matches my views & beliefs and support them. The GOP most closely supports my views and beliefs.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

This is News?

THAT UW Professor once again is in the news. You know who and you know why, its all over the news.

Why is that news? Isn't what he said/says common leftist belief/rhetoric? Heck driving around this city I am used to seeing all sorts of bumper stickers saying similar things.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Do Not Stay Home.

Conservative Republicans are down in the dumps and demoralized, or so it seems. I know of one who says he will vote for none of the above rather than John Gard. That is way too bad. Why? It should be obvious how does House Speaker Nancy Pelos-eye sound to you? I don't like it one bit.

Remember, Politics is a team sport I don't like the team the likes of Nancy Pelos-eye would put together, nor should you if you are conservative or conservative leaning.

People may whine about having to choose the lesser of two evils, that is, they whine about not being able to select perfection. Well, I for one recognized while young perfection is not deliverable by humans. Get over it and choose the lesser of two evils.

If you have to hold your nose so be it.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Here I am Again.

Its late Sunday night, the Packers lost again and I am up again in front of my Slackware workstation listening to organ music on WCPE via internet feed.

However, one thing is different. I got to reading The People's Cube. The People's Cube is a great website and does some real serious spoofing of leftoids:
Another leader of social progress has been murdered by American war criminals today. The Left movement has lost a prominent comrade who helped us fight US imperialism at home and abroad. Every glorious beheading and school bus explosion he committed was cherished by human rights activists as another proof of the cynical nature of the Bush administration.
Just like Che Guevara before him, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi will be remembered by generations of progressives who will make sure his legacy lives on. A commemorative T-shirt has been produced and is recommended as casual wear after a 7-day official mourning period is over.
Source: the People's Cube - Al Zarqawi: Advancing Progress No More by Red Square.
During the 2004 election People's Cube people dressed up in the part and made up signs in the manner of their website. Democrats couldn't tell they were being spoofed. A self parody.

Anyway its time to reform my state of consciousness (hey, if the left can call cutting & running redeploying I can euphamize going to sleep as well).

Thursday, October 05, 2006

A UNS News Flash.

UNS - Madison WI.
Paul Derdash for the Unbelievable News Service 10/5/2006.

Authorities are investigating accusations against a local daycare center. The controversy started when parents arrived to pick up their toddlers and found boxes of candy bars in their outboxes. Most parents assumed this was a request to sell the bars. However, according to the daycare center this is no request. The daycare's representative who referred to himself as "Choco-Pimp Daddy" had the following to say about this: "Hey man, deeze parents had better understand dis is no request. I am da Choco-Pimp Daddy and who takes care of dere tykes? The Choco-Pimp Daddy duzz! Dey needz to sell doze choco bars or Choco-Pimp Daddy is going to be very upset with dem, very upset. It's for da childrenz because the Choco-Pimp Daddy will be on top of doze tykes to make sure doze choco-bars get sold, or else."

Charles & Cindy Krause parents of five year old Chelsea do not see what the fuss is. "We just paid Choco-Pimp Daddy for the chocolate bars and we will sell them or just eat them ourselves." However, not all parents are as calm about Choco-Pimp Daddy's demands.

Alex & Alysha Moore parents of four year old Alexandra Moore have been working hard to meet Choc-Pimp Daddy's demands. "We have been hurrying to State St. after work to sell these bars. You can not imagine the indignity of it all we have to put up with all sorts of abuse from the after bar hours crowd. It's horrible. One customer made me smear the chocolate on their head." Dennis & Debbie Martinez parents of three year old David are even getting David into the act by making him sell the candies to his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and older cousins. Debbie says "We don't want to do this, but we fear what Choco-Pimp Daddy may do to David if we don't do as he says. Choco-Pimp Daddy has threatened to cut off his [David's] daily graham cracker & milk snack."

Casper Copely investigator is looking into this matter. Casper is very concerned about the charges and promises a thorough investigation. "We take these charges very seriously. It would be much better if the daycare center would have given the parents prior notice of the sale. Of course, we don't take kindly to Choco-Pimp Daddy's threats against the children. We are looking at applicable laws and regulations to determine what exactly options we have." However, outside daycare center analyst Sonny Day thinks there is little hope for the parents and children. "Unfortunately for the parents there is little option. Sell the chocolates or find a new daycare center. Remember, you don't have to actually sell the chocolates to others all Choco-Pimp Daddy wants is the money." Still, other industry experts disagree Thomas Jeffers notes "This is silly. All Choco-Pimp Daddy has to do is to raise the rates by just a bit. 50 dollars over twelve months is $4.00 per month. This is much preferable to the indignation which Choco-Pimp Daddy has subjected the parents and children to."

Unfortunately, the experts agree on this one point: Expect more parents and children on the streets selling chocolates.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Glory be to the Father....

The Son, and the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be world without end Amen

Many of you may recognize that as The Glory Be a common prayer of Catholicism.

The first part obviously gives proper homage to the triune God. The second part contains volumes of wisdom even the most hardcore atheist should be able to recognize and acknowledge. I recite this prayer more and more as I age.

As it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be world without end Amen

I can not find any sources (I want to say it was Jonah Goldberg but can't find any specific articles by him) but it has been said there are no new ideas in the world. That is to say, human nature is well understood and coded into tradition and our religions.

The modern left fights this idea and claims they have new ideas all the time. They never do. They find intrinsic human folly and try to explain it away with so many atoms and molecules.

Human beings have been around for eons and societies and belief systems have had enough time to incorporate the strengths and follies of humanity into a code. The poor will always be among us is one observation that bears mention.

They will. The story of the Garden of Eden (Innagaddadeveeda honey) is first and foremost one of human arrogance. Humans in their suredness of what is right and wrong, what is good & evil make bad judgments. We all make decisions where we know what is right and what is wrong and sometimes we pick what is wrong. Sometimes the wrong decisions are minor and lead to minor pain and setbacks sometimes those decisions lead to disaster (drug use, pre-marital sex etc).

The lesson all religions try to teach their followers is we are flawed and despite all the progress we think we make in terms of scientific understanding we will never obtain the PERFECTION religion puts in front of us (i.e. God). However, most religions don't pretend they can perfect humanity. How can an institution run or interpreted by imperfection create perfection?

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Music! Music Again!

One of the things I really like about the approach of winter is Christmas. Hehehe, on the actual holiday I have the adult misgivings. The guilt that one never gives in equality to what one gets, the inability to spend the amount of time one should spend with their loved ones etc. The search for the cash to buy the gifts, fill the gas tank, keep the home fires burning etc.

However, this is the only time of the year I listen to a couple of CDs I have one. I alluded to one of those in my previous blog. The CD I am talking about is a recording of Messiah by George Frideric Handel. In the Wikipedia entry they note it was typically performed in the Easter season but came to become a Christmas piece.

If you know (and are) your Christian faith and you have listened to the piece or read the work you note the majority of the work focuses on the Passion, death, resurrection and post resurrection of the life of Jesus. However the first portion of the work focuses on prior to and around his [i.e. the birth of Jesus] birth.

Still, I associate all of it very strongly with Christmas and look forward to being able to break it out again.

I Don't Want to go to Bed!

One of the treats of being home (aside from basking the warm sunshine of the love of my dear Empress) is working on my computer here at home. You see, I have a very wonderful radio station bookmarked in my media player's list.

WCPE is a streaming radio station that plays classical music 24 hours a day... Another cliche I detest! However, they play classical music all day long. No NPR news no leftist bilge just occasional begging, messages on behalf of their supporters, and the occasional emergency alert. Tonight I heard and amber alert and I have heard sever weather alerts as well. However, that aside right now they are playing some Handel with a chorus, how sweet it is.

Now, some of you may say. Big deal? What's is so "sweet" about listening to classical music over the internet? Well, I suppose many are thinking they would rather listen to Upchuck Kitties or Led Zeppelin or Travis in the Saddle or whatever. And some of you may say what is so spetacular about listening to music over the internet.

I can not do it at work nor can I do it from my hotel room. However, as I write this to you sublime music is bathing my senses. Music that makes me feel as if Heaven has come down to me, music that was originally written over 200 years ago. Do you think Ozzy Osborne will still have a following 200 years from now? I don't think even the Beatles will be much more than a museum curiosity then, however I wager Handel's Messiah will still echo through concert halls the world over during Christmas season, even if those in the first church of secularism are able to wipe out traditional Christian holidays.

Hehe as it was in the Middle Ages it may be in the later ages. The only way people will learn of Christianity and its stories may be through song.

The Weekend.

Was Busy!

Appleton had its Octoberfest on Saturday. Friday night rushed home and helped make up roughly 600 Filipino egg rolls (aka lumpia). Then helped my buddy who is in charge of logistics getting the logistics ready. Nearly ran a trailer through their neighbor's plate glass window (neighbor across the street). Pulled his trailer out of the garage, emptied it, and then him & myself tried to load up a full sized chest freezer. DUUUUHHHHHH! Anchor the trailer to something solid first.

The freezer was heavy and we lifted the beast up got it a bit on the trailer and the trailer started to roll.

Hehehe, F=mA ---> F/m = A. Where F is the vector sum of forces acting on a body of mass M and A is the acceleration (also a vector). The force of us acting on the freezer (and on the trailer) was greater than the force of friction holding it in place. Quickly we applied force on the trailer in opposition to the force of us holding onto the freezer and my lovely wife came and applied some force of her own (in opposition to the force holding the freezer). However, once that freezer was securely on the trailer we quickly got it loaded up.

Early on SA it was Tim, Tim's father, my lovely wife, and myself on College Avenue. Things from his trailer were already unloaded and it was a matter of arranging things. Tim did a great job of arranging and organizing the layout. However, I had to run for a few things. I went for a card table then was called to get 2 25' 12 gauge extension cords to power our gear. Then when I finally got back & parked my car I had to return for a new fire extinguisher. Got it and we were off.

It was a very good day. In the end our revenue was in the thousands of dollars and our expenses were in the hundreds. We had a long line all day long and the Octoberfest organizers, police officers, and others say our was the second longest line in the event. It was the barbecue we make that sold the most and was it hot. Our volunteers and ourselves pounded out about 1500 sticks and we sold nearly every one.

We could have increased the price probably by about another 67% and did just as well.

Thank You Fox Valley!