Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Hierarchy of Needs.

Most of us have heard of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Maslow notes the human being has various needs and goes onto to group those needs into various categories. Maslow then moves on and theorizes a hierarchy of needs and needs at a higher level are of no interest to people who have yet to fulfill the lower level needs. Now, please note there is some dispute over the hierarchy of needs theory, but in a general way it makes sense. A person running for a foxhole to shelter himself from an incoming aretillery barrage is not thinking about the implication's of the latest developments in string theory.

Why talk about Maslow's hierarchy of needs? Two reasons, both are surges of a sort. One is the surge going on in Iraq and the other is the surge happening in Milwaukee:
The trend among conservatives such as yourself is to see crime in very simple, black and white terms: bad guys, good guys - and punishment. At the pinpoint of law enforcement and the judicial system, it’s just this way. But it’s a tip of a large iceberg involving a whole host of other social and economic factors. In short, you can keep putting more and more cops on the street, keep incarcerating more and more of these guys, but we will never reduce the numbers of people willing live their lives outside the law until we improve some of these other things, too.

It’s not good enough for me to put more and more people behind bars. I want that - but I also want to make law-abiding lifestyles more available and attractive to people with little opportunity and even less good examples.

I’m sure a half a dozen people here see such thinking as weak, liberal mush, but I really don’t give a [–censored–]. When I see young men being put in prison I can’t help but think that, but for a few lucky breaks, that might easily be me.
Source: Boots & Sabres Comment by Scott Feldstein

No Scott

I do not see you as a weak, liberal mush I see you with a simple black and white caricature of conservative thought and I also suspect you do not have a strong grasp of the need for security. I wonder if Scott has ever been in a position to have genuine worries of being victimized? Of course, most of us have but for the people in Milwaukee's inner cities this is a day in and day out worry.

Physical Security First

Makes sense, doesn't it, even if you do not buy Maslow's theory? In my opening above the guy dodging shells is thinking of only one thing – surviving the next couple of minutes. However, Scott's comment does not take into account people's need for physical security, nor does it give credit to others.

An anti-crime initiative that put Milwaukee police on patrol in some of the city's most dangerous neighborhoods this summer received credit on Monday for a nearly 22% drop in non-fatal shootings as well as a decrease in overall homicides during 2007.

So far, the Neighborhood Safety Initiative is working, police and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said during a news conference outside the District 3 police station near N. 49th St. and W. Lisbon Ave.
Source: JS Online – Non-fatal shootings in city down 22% (Mayor, police tout stepped-up patrols)

What is wrong with the above? Now, Scott would have us believe locking up violent offenders is not part of the solution. More midnight basketball and the chaos goes away, but then we would have chaotic midnight basketball. Locking up or eliminating those who commit violence is a necessary but insufficient part of the puzzle. Like in Iraq.

Reports are coming from Iraq that the local populace in areas being surged into are full of tales and real tips leading to the arrest of AQ operatives, the locations of booby-trapped houses, and road side bombs. However, when a patrol would come wondering through, no such information was forthcoming. Why not? Some of the reason surely is the fact people have not yet had enough of AQI, but a fair amount of it was probably not snitchin'. Other stories I have read have it many local approached by the MNF in Iraq would get a visit from AQI. However, now the MNF & real Iraqi soldiers are in place, AQI is much less able to intimidate the local populace. People no longer fear for their safety.

Moving Up the Triangle

Once physical security, aka, law and order is established then what Scott hopes for can happen. Education, economic development, and other such programs. As I said in response to Scott's comment people are not going to set up businesses where customers, employees, vendors, etc are afraid for their safety. Without the safety forget jobs, forget opportunity.

More Yet

Once physical security is established then the government must let things happen on their own. Of course, in the area being quibbled about there will be federal, state & local monies pouring in to help establish a functional economy, but that aid should not be need for long. Even hot rod race cars need jump starting.


Today's Tidbits

  1. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) Caught up in Corruption Probe

  2. I want to be careful here. I detest Ted Stevens, but hope the charges turn out to be false. However, if true, then ditch the deadweight. Many on the right side of the blogosphere are up in arms over this both for the corruption itself and his fanatical love of pork.

    However, a larger concern of mine is allegations alone should not be sufficient to run a person out of office, it should be conviction or congressional procedures. Much about this case makes sense with his hyper-concern over earmarks destined for his state and his near hysterical state whenever it was suggested the earmarks were over the top.

  3. Justice Roberts okay, lefty blogosphere not.

  4. I knew without having to log on to know how the hard-left would react to this story. The likes of Wonkette, DU, et. al. disappoint as usual. I will wonder about this, how they can live with such hate in their hearts. Yes, we have people on the right who have similar explosions when a prominent member of the Democratic leadership/statesman team is injured or experiences a medical condition, but much of that is manufactured.

  5. Finally a Symbol/Religion Worth Protecting

  6. However, the symbol is the Holy Qur'ran (IIRC qurran is a generic Arabic term for writing & the Holy Qurran/Qur'ran is used to refer to the Islamic holy Book) and the religion is Islam. I wonder if those who leap to the defense of flag-burners and offense against flag protection statues will bother?

    Here is what the ACLU has to say over the incident: chirp-chirp-chirp. I would have used nothingness as the "crickets chirping" thing is overdone, but I need a place holder for the link.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

On Hypocrisy

Over at the BBA I respond to Kevin's comment on Michael Moore's sick (dollar wise) Sicko. It isn't doing well and despite this failure, I note Michael Moore is a guy who invests in the companies he condemns, shelters his wealth from the taxman, and drives the hired help hard.

That is, Michael Moore kicks capitalism by day and sleeps with it by night. Nothing wrong with the later part and I am opposed to his rhetoric.

The blog elicited some comments the most interesting of which is this:
Are you complaining about hypocrisy in general? Are you complaining about bad manners and profiteering? Because there's plenty of this on all sides. I eagerly await your observation of those on the right who engage in hypocrisy, being rude to the help, or profiting from investments in businesses who don't align completely with their press releases.
Source: John Faust's Comment
Interesting. What I want to do is to explore the idea of hypocrisy a bit. First off, after about the age of 25 or so the idea of screaming hypocrisy at its first sign to me started looking like ripping on a guy because he can not bench press a ton. That is to say – hypocrisy is a fundamental human weakness.

John further takes me to task for not winnowing out the hypocrites on my side of the debate. Well, John appears to have his own blog and can have at it if he wants.

Cheap Rhetoric

Charges of hypocrisy typically amounts to little more than cheap rhetoric. So, while I will not refrain from pointing out differences between an individuals actions and words I will not say Ah-ha! You hypocrite, I caught you! Of course, some may note the line between pointing out action & word discrepancies is mighty thin. It is, but the difference is I will not focus on the discrepancy as much as whatever is desirable.

But a Potent Club

Charges of hypocrisy work well against those who seriously hold themselves to standards or codes of conduct. Get caught going against your standards or your code of conduct expect to be bludgeoned with the club of hypocrisy. I despise that reaction because hypocrisy is a fundamental weakness of humanity. Of course there are those who find no problem avoiding hypocrisy; those who hold themselves or others to no standards.

If it is anything goes in your world then you are never a hypocrite. How simple, but can you imagine what life would be like?


No, the person caught running afoul of their own standards should be dealt with mercifully. Do not trumpet their failures, allow them the chance to repent. If they do not repent then they are not hypocrites they are something else.

It is the lack of mercy that causes many problems in our political debate. We demonize (however, I am not going to chide anyone for demonizing Osama Bin Laden, Zawahiri, et al they mean to kill us or make us submit to Islam) the Democrats or Republicans by calling them traitors or racists and then act aghast when the favor is returned. What a treasonous so & so is that D. OMG! that D just called me a racist & vice versa.

Yeah, we are taught to fight for our views & beliefs but we should not go to the brink with each other.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Oh Sayang! Pity, What a Waste!

Polk County, Fla. -- A large group of cheering men in a rural part of Polk County led to the arrests of 17 men on suspicion they were taking part in a cockfighting operation described as "very professional" by the county sheriff.

Officers raided a rural area of Polk County Monday and found a massive grave of freshly killed roosters, [emphasis added] drawers full of sharp fighting spurs for birds and $25,000 in cash.
Source: Local6.com – Police: Cheering Men Lead To 'Professional' Cockfighting Operation (Massive Grave Of Dead Birds, $25,000 In Cash Found)
What a waste. Don't those guys know the losers in cockfights make a most excellent soup!

HT: The Drudge Report


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Who Do They CAIR About?

Ah, the Flying Imam story marches on.

The latest development according to Michelle Malkin is:
Andy McCarthy and Audrey Hudson report that Democrats are attempting to water down the “John Doe” amendment–the legislation sponsored by Rep. Peter King that would protect citizen whistleblowers who act to protect our national security and who are threatened by lawsuits from CAIR and their grievance-mongering ilk. Time is short. You need to make your voice heard in Congress now.
Source: Michelle Malkin – Don’t let the Dems kill the John Doe amendment
Prior to 9/11 those wanting to hijack airplanes relied on the standard line of obey the hijackers and no one gets hurt. After 9/11 hijackers could no longer rely on acquiescent airline passengers due to the the spirit of Let's Roll!. Now we have the Democrats and CAIR trying to roll back the spirt of Let's Roll. Hijacker's eyes are smiling.

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An Irritation

I like to receive and send acknowledgments in response to communications sent to/from me. That way, the sender knows it was seen and understands the priority assigned by the recipient. When I send an e-mail the recipient does not have to act on the request right away, just to acknowledge it so I do not start to wonder if I have to approach someone else or escalate the request. I try to acknowledge all e-mails and when someone does something for me and lets me know I send a thank you to make sure they know I know they did it. Only one acknowledgment is required. You send me a note telling me you have done something, I return a thank-you and then I consider the matter closed and do not expect anything else on that topic.

It seems a fair amount of people do not do this.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

I Spy - Rodent Edition

One story circulating about is how Iran arrested a number of....(put your coffee down)....a number of squirrels kitted up with spy gear.

Talk about paranoid!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Our Prayers

The prayers and thoughts of The Empress and myself go out to WI State Senator Deve Hansen (D-Green Bay).

Kevin on the notes a horrible accident:
State Sen. Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay) fatally struck hiss [sic] 1-year-old granddaughter after she ran behind his car as he was backing out of his Green Bay home at about this morning, according to Green Bay police.

Hansen, 59, said in a statement that the accident killed Elliana Zaidel, who would have been 2 on Wednesday.

Green Bay police responded to the car/pedestrian accident at Hansen's residence at 920 Coppens Rd. at 8:36 a.m., according to a news release posted on the department's website. Officers arrived to find the girl seriously injured. Zaidel was taken to St. Vincent's Hospital where she was pronounced dead.
Source: JS Online – Senator accidentally kills granddaughter (Steven Walters and Amy Guckeen)
This is a sad and unfortunately recurring story. There is no blame only tears for the family. When it comes to stories like this political bickering seems so vain and useless.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Doug Stephan is Not Bright

Saturday mornings when I wake up and have to take the Empress to work we wake up to the local radio station and at that time it carries Doug Stephan. He pretends to do a financial advice show but more often than not it is nothing more than hearing him whine about capitalism.

The other morning Doug Stephan was whining about his credit rating and how he doesn't know what goes into it. Well, I have some advice for Doug listen to the Clark Howard show and learn. In fact, why don't you just pipe the Best of Clark through your microphone you would do the morning world a huge favor.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Could be a Bushism

However, it was not said by W so it will not get the scorn it deserves: "We are in a transition time in history when the only way we can get to where we need to be is by starting from where we are." Who said it? Someone trying awful hard to be profound, but instead uses 28 words to say what can be said in about nine words or so.


Saturday, July 07, 2007

Jim Morrison Redux

Jim Morrison formerly of The Doors (and formerly of this life) was once accused of exposing his,...uh....., well I don't think I have to elaborate anymore. He was not immediately arrested but the concert was shut down and it was only sometime later concert attendees and the authorities complained & pressed charges. From the reading I have done on this (yes I have read up on Jim Morrison, his biography and not specifically about this the book I read was No One Here Gets Out Alive) there was just witness recall and nothing really documentary. In the end Mr. Morrison was convicted of the charge & paid no real penalty (at least none a pop star near his zenith could not pay his way out of) was paid for it.

We have a similar incident in Scotland. Again, a performer produces a long round object on stage. However, instead of being attached to the performer's anatomy this object is...

Before I continue I warn you. Please, sit down, make sure no children are in eyesight, close your doors, do not read further at work or in a bar in Appleton.

The object the singer may be prosecuted for showing on stage is a,...., a...., CIGARETTE!


How Are We Going To Solve Global Warming?

By rocking on dude!

Wait a minute, don't you have to give up amplified & electronic music? Don't you have to stop jet setting around the world? Don't you have to stop hauling tons of stage equipment in semis?

Hmmmmm, if we rock a little harder it will work!

Hattip to Southpark. I bet they are having tons of fun with these concerts.


Friday, July 06, 2007


Scientists drilling into the glaciers of Greenland are discovering a warmer Earth. That is, the Earth was warmer in the past than it is even now.

Scientists who probed two kilometers (1.2 miles) through a Greenland glacier to recover the oldest plant DNA on record said Thursday the planet was far warmer hundreds of thousands of years ago than is generally believed.

DNA of trees, plants and insects including butterflies and spiders from beneath the southern Greenland glacier was estimated to date to 450,000 to 900,000 years ago, according to the remnants retrieved from this long-vanished boreal forest.

That contrasts sharply with the prevailing view that a lush forest of this kind could only have existed in Greenland as recently as 2.4 million years ago, according to a summary of the study, which is published Thursday in the journal Science.

The samples suggest the temperature probably reached 10 degrees C (50 degrees Fahrenheit) in the summer and -17 C (1 F) in the winter.

They also indicated that during the last period between ice ages, 116,000-130,000 years ago, when temperatures were on average 5 C (9 F) higher than now, the glaciers on Greenland did not completely melt away.
Source: Breitbart – Oldest DNA ever recovered shows warmer planet: report
Studies like this indicate the Earth's climate is not a steady state phenomena that the climate also changes with time and events.

It has been sometime since anything close to Toba, Pinatubo, or Mt. St. Helens has happened. One of those and we get cool.


Interesting Advice

Clark Howard is a regular listen of mine. Today in what appeared to be a greatest hits show he had a call from someone selling real estate and the guy was wondering how to transfer his capital gains to avoid paying taxes on it. Clark went through the process, but in the end advised the man to not be so fixated on avoiding capital gains taxes now. In fact, the advice was to take the cash and pay the capital gains tax.

Why? Because capital gains taxes are now at historic lows. So instead of sheltering the cash and then paying much higher capital gains taxes on the money later on to take the cash now and pay the low capital gains tax.

So, what the low rates of taxation do, is to discourage money sheltering and encourage more immediate investment and tax payment. Interesting huh? Still, I have this notion this little story will not take root in the heads I hope it does.

That is low taxes do not necessarily mean low governmental receipts.


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Al-Pazeera Watch

Watchers of Al-Pazeera (aka the Associated Press) are going crazy and for good reason.

Essentially, Al-Pazeera recently published a story on the reported beheadings of people in what looked like to be a sectarian fight. Well, it seems that story is not true and Al-Pazeera can not quite provide substantiation of the story.

Now, we have Michael Yon providing names, locations, photographs, and video of the aftermath of the Al-Qaida massacre. We are talking normal people in a village. So, what sort of coverage does this get? Next to none. In fact, Michael Yon is offering his work to media outlets for free (only asking for attribution and notice ). The media can get witnesses both Iraqi and American.

What interest does that offer seem to generate?

Glenn Reynolds provides the obvious answer and backup on that answer from (yes, I see some irony here) an anonymous (claimed) widely reporter.

It is quite fashionable to idealize the press. Give it up, there is no such thing as objective media. The journalism of the late 1800s and early 1900s is the same as it is today, advocating not reporting. Al-Pazeera and its press cronies have a definite agenda and that agenda is served by ignoring such stories.

We heard incessantly how bad we were for a couple of sadistic guards making Iraqi prisoners wear lingerie, posing in pornographic manner, next to dogs, and the such. However, when there are real atrocities perpetrated by the enemy the remain remarkably quiet.

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