Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Helicopter Downing.

Michelle Malkin blogs the shooting down of the helicopter in Iraq. She reports on a comment or to on the blog site of Markos Moulitsas Cunninglingas (whoops it is Zuniga).

Over at Little Green Footballs they refer to Kos as "Markos Screw Them..." over his comment on the murder and mutilation of the Blackwell contractors in Fallujah last spring.

THESE F[**]KERS ARE NOT NICE PEOPLE. I have a hard time feeling sorry for their families. I have known a few of these wives and if they are in the marriage they are so high on Prozac and Xanax they will barely know he's gone...If one of their mommas is crying I'm somewhat sorry but I really want to ask that woman why she never got any help for her son, who was obviously a potential serial killer! I lay some of what that man became on her and his father's doorstep. I have almost no tears for these people. I can barely squeeze one out.
Source: Michelle Malkin - LOOKING EVIL IN THE EYE

Six men from his own nation are murdered and all this person can do is basically say "good for them". Treasonous b.....d! Whoops only those who support American soldiers are allowed to be called treasonous nowadays.