Sunday, October 23, 2005

Free Piglet!

The HT: Michelle Malkin THE CARTOONS ISLAMISTS DON'T WANT YOU TO SEE. Actually I saw the one some time ago and left a comment somewhere about that.

However, Piglet the character from Whinnie the Pooh is under attack. IIRC in an office somewhere in the UK a worker had a little Piglet stuffed toy (or similar) on their desk or in their office. Well, someone complained that Piglet offended them! For the love of God, its just a toy cartoon! Anyway instead of telling the complaining employee to grow up and just ignore Piglet the employee with Piglet was ordered to remove Piglet. So now employees in this office can not have anything piglike. I wonder if their lunches are inspected for pork?

Michelle points to this site for some good information on the fight to free Piglet from dhimmnitude.

Relapsed Catholic obtained the real cool shot of Piglet getting ready to Crusade.

Check these out. Now, before you roll your eyes about the Brits just think about the war on Christmas in this nation.

I include "West Midlands" in this post because this is the area where Piglet is exiled from (piggy banks, or anything resembling from a pig) and want to draw readers to this blog. Make sure you check out the links provided!