Saturday, August 07, 2010

Sick of It!

On my Facebook page I am seeing quite a bit of people ripping on the First Lady for her trip to Spain. All I can manage is a meh I could care less one way or another. The common theme is with so much unemployment here in the US the First Lady and the President should bypass their ostentatious living and pursuits and save the taxpayer some money. Again I say unto thee meh.

I got quite fed up with hearing the lefties criticize President Bush every time he left Washington DC. They carped about his spending money, they carped about him being on too much "vacation" (yeah, if the President is ever needed they will find him even if he is on "vacation"). You know, the President and his family need that away time too, probably more so than the average schlub working a 9-5er at the mill.

I know, the left has the wheel rolling over them on this, but I elect the President to lead a great and large nation not to commiserate with us in our misery. Remember, Bill Clinton tried that tack, "I feel your pain" but what did it earn him?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Karma Visits Sven Kramer

Sven Kramer after winning gold the first full day of the Olympics was asked his name & country by an NBC reporter. Sven then asked the reporter "Are you stupid?". Well today, Sven switched lanes at the wrong time and was disqualified from a race he was on track to gold medal in.

So funny!

Reminds of that one reporter who laughed it up when President Bush fell of of the Segway. That same reporter a year or so later fell off a Segway and broke a leg. My delight ends when the reporter falls down, but don't be so secure, smug, or arrogant.

I was working one night and saw the town's police officer with a motorist pulled over. I chuckled it up over the other driver's misfortune. A week later on the other side of town, it was me on the side of the town awaiting a ticket.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tea Partying It Up

The Tea Partys are coming of age.

Scowling lefties can call the movement "teabaggers", "angry", whatever. Fact is, the core of the tea party movement is one that unifies a lot of people. While viewing tea party signage there is no doubt a lot of signage espousing the whole range of conservative causes, it is not those causes that are the root of its success.

The original tea party was about taxes and hence spending. This one is similarly rooted in taxation and spending policy. Tea Party leaders need to remember this, keep your rallies focused on limiting government taxation and spending.

Same Excuse Different Side


A lot of lefties are trying to rationalize Scott Brown's victory by trying to tell us (actually I suspect it is more for themselves) the voters of Massachusetts voted for Scott Brown rather than the Dem because the Senate was not left enough.

Now, doesn't THAT sound familiar? Starting in 2006, I heard that rationalization being used a whole lot on our side. The typical, line went "Well, the GOP did not deliver on the promises of , so instead of voting for Democrat lite might as well vote for the real thing.

That, is what the left is now saying — we were not rejected for being too left, we were rejected for not being left enough.

Does either make sense?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Brown Beats Coakley!


Deep Blue Massachusetts votes for Scott Brown (R) to replace Teddy Kennedy (D). Reading Twitter is great fun, especially #masen.

Congratulations to Scott Brown on his victory over Martha Coakley.

The Democrats and more specifically President Obama are feeling the first tingle of a slap on their hands. No doubt, the same tingle was being felt in 2006 by the GOP. One fellow (former Obama voter) this evening on the Luntz section of Hannity said I wanted change back to the center not a far left lurch.

I am quite sure the Congressional leaders (both houses) and the President will come out redoubling their grip on the national steering wheel. They believe they need to get their agenda done within the next year or it will be at least another 12 years before they get another opportunity. You bet they will work to ram this stuff down our throats. Scott Brown's win made that harder for them to do.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Comment on Comments

The free lunch is over. Haloscan is converting their blog comment & trackback service from free to a paid for service. I say "bye-bye"!

In the meantime, comments are closed until I figure out what code I took out to install the Haloscan commentary & trackback system.


Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Brown County ZZ

Drive it with caution. I used to drive Brown County ZZ on a regular basis but have not been on it for sometime.

Brown County ZZ is a very picturesque road that winds it way generally in a north — south direction. The road is very curvy and sits very close to the Fox River. Back when I drove the road, if the weather was questionable I would avoid the road taking an alternate route. Usually that was no big deal because it was usually at night so the scenery was not apparent.

Here is why I avoid this road if conditions are questionable.

The Great Snow Dump

We are at the front end of our first big snow dump of this current winter season. I escorted The Empress home from work (I tailed her) and I talked her through it via our bluetooths and cell phones. She did fine, though I had to push a bit (she was reluctant to drive).

Now were the roads bad? Not so much in Appleton, even though a lot of people claimed otherwise. The roads & conditions demand respect right now. Respect translates into low acceleration (which in my mind includes -- speeding up, slowing down, and turning -- i.e. any change in velocity), lots of distance between the vehicles around you, and anticipating stops and turns.

Being the first significant snowfall of the year there are bound to be a lot of fender benders. We'll see lots of smashed headlight, signal light, and tail light reflectors on the road.

One thing the authorities always say is stay in unless you have to go out, well, that is always a good idea. However, I would be okay with going out in this weather even in the Impala, at least until the snow starts to pile up then I would take the suburban out.

I intend to stay in this evening sitting next to the Empress near our fireplace.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Mara Liasson, Juan Williams, FNC, & NPR

Mara Liasson makes regular appearances (and so too Juan Williams also from NPR) on the Fox News All Star Segment of Brett Baier's Special Report. I like the regular appearance of both commentators on the segment.

However, this story points out that NPR is very uncomfortable with their stars appearing on FNC and is trying to get Liasson and Williams to cease appearing on FNC. Liasson only appears on The All Stars but the Politico story I link to notes that Juan Williams makes regular appearances on The O'Reilly Factor (a show I rarely watch) and even guest hosts The O'Reilly Factor.

Fortunately, neither is obligated to heel to NPR's wishes on this matter. Even more interesting is NPR notes the Whitehouse war on FNC is influencing their discussions with Williams and Liasson. However, the story notes that the Whitehouse is claiming victory in its war against FNC.

I do not believe NPR, I believe Whitehouse pressure on them spurred this move.

Bravo to Williams and Liasson for giving NPR the raspberry on this!