Monday, November 15, 2004


My unusual pessimism with regards to Fallujah appears to have been wrong. IIRC last April the number of dead in the Fallujah raid was about 100 or so and we only were able to occupy 1/4 of the city. Right now we have control of the city with about 40 or so dead soldiers.

Last April was clearly a case of underestimating the enemy. Our commanders must remember many of those fighting are professional soldiers from the former Iraqi Army and most likely from the Republican Guard and other higher quality units. Plus the Saddam Fedeyeen are still there. Now it appears the remaining resistance in fighting is from Fallujah Fedeyeen types and suicidis.

The Belmont Club has been doing some quality blogging on the fight going on in Fallujah and more importantly on "The Sunni Triangle Battle" which is how we need to view the situation in Iraq. The Belmont Club has links to the "Command Post" and "Winds of Change" which are info-rich sources as well.