Wednesday, November 03, 2004

(post) Election Day.

Election day is over and anyone who thinks Senators Kerry & Edwards still have a hope is is said it, not I!

Anyway reports indicate that there are about 135,000 provisional/absentee ballots left to count in Ohio and the President's lead in Ohio is about that as well. It is a noble statement to count every ballot but when there is no way those votes are going to cancel out a 135,000 lead!

My home state of Wisconsin is wrapping up its vote counting. Once again a closely fought battle with the last numbers I have seen give Senator Kerry a 14,000 vote lead. Apparently some networks have not yet called WI for the Senator. I guess our absentee and other such ballots are still being counted, hey MSM why do you not call much more solid leads for the President and are quick to call the WI tenuous lead for the Senator? My guess is that there is not a 14,000 vote differential in the yet to be counted votes.

Boy, did Tim Michels get spanked by Senator Feingold. Guess I saw this coming but some poll movement just before the election and a comment on "The Corner" (Or was it "The Kerry Spot" or "Battlegrounders" ) had me hoping

On a local note it does appear Becky Weber lost her bid for re-election. Some prominent officials in Outagamie County who call themselves "Republicans" worked to defeat Becky. Well us real Republicans need to work to defeat them! I will not name names but one is the current County Executive and the other was his opponent in the last County Executive Race.