Tuesday, January 18, 2005

A mix of crazy and not so crazy.

Am researching on TABOR to write an editorial piece on in support of it. Apparently the Milwaukee Journal knows of only one way to close a deficit and that is to increase taxes:

The non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau estimates an additional $711 million in new tax revenue would be needed to balance the two-year budget that begins July 1, 2005, because of the spending commitments.

Now some people may say well there has been cutting enough done to the budget time to bring in some tax increases. However, Governor Doyle managed to find some cutting to what the legislature brought him. As painful as it is for this Republican to admit Doyle is doing okay by the budget however, I believe McCallum would have done the same.

The research I have been doing indicates if a TABOR like scheme would have been in place during the boom years we would not be squabbling about what to cut but what to do with the surplus. IMO, that one is a no-brainer at least it is in comparison to fighting about what to cut.

TABOR should be implemented in Wisconsin. It should contain limits based on population and the CPI instead of linked to growth in personal income. It should contain a provision to build up a $1.billion emergency fund to be used to close future budget deficits or to spend on other emergency (let us say a signficant terrorist hit on Miller Brewing or similar) any funds in excess of the $1.00 are promptly returned to the taxpayers. Local governmental and educational units have similar caps placed upon them as well. All taxing authorities can appeal by referendum to exceed the caps, but barring such appeals and emergencies (of a truly awful nature, e.g. terrorist attack, or other such large scale disaster) no exceptions.

Yes, yes, yes. I know we are supposed to trust our elected officials!


Our whole system of government is built upon a HEALTHY mistrust of government, TABOR would be yet another check & balance upon government taxing power in Wisconsin.

There are way too many Republicans who treat the tax dollar as an entitlement. One famous GOP line of attack has been to call the Democrats "taxers & spenders" unfortunately that line is not really working anymore. Republican legislators are often tax-cutters and spenders thereby giving tax-cuts a bad name.