Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Back Page.

The Back Page will normally be my final blog of the day. Note though I might have to leave suddenly (for whatever reason) or whatever and not post a back page blog. However, I will make a every attempt to signal my last blog of the day/night with a "The Back Page" Blog. Yeah yeah yeah, I know "The Back Page" is awful cliche but until I can brainstorm up something better it will have to do.

Some years ago The Democratic Congressional Committee sent me a solicitation. Well, being the generous man I am I sent them a contribution. Yes, yes I did. I send them a contribution and here is that contribution.
There once was a Dem named Nancy.
Who thought her ideas were fancy.
The areas in blue.
Are way too few.
And she got kicked in the pant-seat.


Oh what fun!

Good Night & May GOD Bless you all!