Monday, February 14, 2005

Easson Jordan.

Easson Jordan is gone from CNN. I do not think CNN will ever again be a respectable news organization but with more of these it might turn itself around.

The EJ syndrome is rampant in the MSM. They seem to think their only job in life is to oppose the government. As I often say if our Government would run away from a cliff the MSM would be out there talking about how nice it is to cliff jump and how mean spirited and awful our government is for not going over the cliff.

The job of a journalist is to discover the truth and way too often Journalists have come to see the truth as whatever makes the USA look bad even if it is not true.

Easson Jordan can carry Saddam's water without thinking it a problem but then goes out of his way to smear the US government. Why does the MSM think EJ was unfairly criticized?