Friday, March 18, 2005

Mara's Comment on Brit's show.

Brit Hume's Fox News show Special Report is one of the few TV shows I go out of my way to watch and I am very glad I did so last night. The All Stars last night were the usual three, Mort, Mara, and Fred.

They were discussing the reaction to the nomination of Paul Wolfowitz to lead the World Bank and Mort was very disturbed by the reaction of the left and the general treatment Paul gets. Mort noted that he has known Paul for sometime and there is no one more motivated by noble ideas than Paul. Mort noted it was Paul who convinced Ronald Reagan to withdraw support from Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines. This eventually led to his ouster note:

On August 21, 1983, the murder of another brave man in a strategic backwater finally provoked a rethinking of American policy. In the crisis following the death of Benigno Aquino at the hands of the Marcos dictatorship, Paul Wolfowitz persuaded then President Reagan that the time had come to actively topple the dictator of the Philippines. "'I actually thought it probably was the high point of my career,' Wolfowitz said. 'I never expected to do anything as interesting or as important' again." The Belmont Club (Wretchard): Is Aung San Suu Kyi dead?

Mara made a comment about him being wrong all the time. She cited troop levels in Iraq as one instance of him being wrong. WRONG! More does not mean better in this case, with the way the situation is in Iraq more troops would probably be adding more targets without increased benefit. Also, remember we wanted to bring another Division in from the North but our faithless friends the Turks blocked that move.