Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Moonbat Sighting.

Robert Frechette barks one off today in the Appleton Post Crescent.

HYPOCRISY: The portion of Doug Wead’s taped conversation with George W. Bush, in which Bush addresses his marijuana usage, offers a keen insight into the psyche of the president. He chastises Al Gore for being honest and chooses to publicly lie about his own usage. What type of message does that send to children? It is that kind of hypocrisy that epitomizes the Bush administration.

Apparantly this barking moonbat does not pay too close attention to the facts. President Bush has never denied he used illicit drugs. No doubt he has dodged and ducked the question and has given the classic (and perfectly worthy answer) "I made bad choices in my younger days but have grown up and seen them to be bad and have foresaken those particular choices" answer. This is not deceit.

Of course Mr. Frechette ignores the fact the President states on the tape he does not want children rationalizing their whacky smoking by noting the President tried whacky so how bad can it be. So we most likely have children running around saying "Al Gore smoked rope, how bad can it be".


Anyway I am logging for the night. Good night to all!