Tuesday, April 26, 2005

AIRrianna Is Brilliant!

AIRianna Huffington has come up with an absolutely brilliant idea. It is stunning no one thought of anything like it before. She has solved a big societal problem!

You know, there are Hollywood actors and other celebrities that just can not get their opinions out to the public! No one ever listens to them, they never get any attention from the MSM, such a shame. So AIRianna has devised a brilliant concept.

She is going to set up a blog for them to air their ideas! Wow! I hope she was able to secure enough funding. I am sure a project like this is going to take millions and millions of dollars to start. Her project is probably going to require so much funding only she may need to apply to the federal government for a grant on this. All those caviar and champagne parties they will need to hold are expensive! Also, don't forget those blog-thingies are high-tech so a blog system (especially one that can take blogs from multiple people) is going to be real big bucks! Heck even funding from George Soros may be required!

Oh AIRianna, how would those poor Hollywood celebrities and the nation get through life without you!