Thursday, May 05, 2005

Return of the Communication Lines.

Wretchard blogs another one out of the park today (I should probably use hits a century as he is an Aussie).

Qaim, Husabayah, Haqlinayah and Ramadi. This series of foreign-sounding battlefield names when laid out on a map becomes the visible path of the insurgency and their supporting foreign fighters, with one end beginning at the Syrian border and the other terminating in Baghdad.
Source: Belmont Club - The Western Road

This observation needs some follow up. When I first started reading the Belmont Club one of the first blogs I recall reading was Wretchard's analysis of a press release (PR) from an insurgent leader. That PR talked about how the insurgents controlled a series of towns. Wretchard mapped those towns and noted they all were one of three highways. Two of lines went to Syria, and one to Iran, that is the lines were supply and communication routes. Wretchard's blog I refer to above is talking about one of those lines.

Anyway it is time to make the doughnuts!