Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Friends of Code Pink Do Things Like...

Code Pink is an organization that essentially opposes President Bush on everything. If President Bush runs away from a cliff Code Pink activists would charge headlong over the cliff. As it turns out Code Pink believes what happened in Afghanistan was a bad thing (i.e. the ouster of the Taliban).

Well, Little Green Footballs publishes a horrible story from Pakistan. The bad-guys in the story are Taliban types engaging in "honor killings".

He rushed back from his workplace in the southern city of Karachi and with the help of his brother tied the 20-year-old girl, named as Shomaila, and her mother to wooden beds as they slept, local police officer Arif Nawaz said.

They then set light to the two women - the girl for having an affair and the 40-year-old mother Azeem Mai for "not discouraging her daughter", the police officer said.
Little Green Footballs - Pakistan Honor Killing Watch

Will we hear this via Al-Pazeera (The AP)? I don't think so. It was London's The Daily Telegraph that published this story.

Will Code Pink condemn such activities? I doubt it, to do so would lend credence to President Bush's efforts.