Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Another Day for Able Danger.

Well, we have a person now who was a part of Able Danger.

If he's telling the truth, then the entire history of the last five years needs to be rewritten. His name is Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, and he's one of the two military intelligence officers alleging that the Defense Department had located Mohammed Atta and other hijackers in America in 2000.

He's now gone public on cable television and in this interview with the New York Times.

What's perfectly credible about what Shaffer says is that his unit, Able Danger, developed information about an Al Qaeda cell in Brooklyn and that Pentagon lawyers thrice blocked meetings between his unit and the FBI because they feared being accused of spying illicitly inside the United States. (He was not an intelligence analyst, but rather Able Danger's liaison with the Defense Intelligence Agency.)

But Shaffer does not have proof that Atta and three others were among those named. To be fair, he should NOT have proof because any such documentation would be classified material that should not be in his possession.

So now we have some manifest contradictions:
Source: The Corner - John Podhoretz - OKAY, HERE IT IS

John considers a couple of different possibilities. One is if the 9/11 commission is being deceitful this is will really cause a problem for Condeleeza Rice "since the 9/11 commission staff director, Philip Zelicow, is one of Condi Rice's most trusted aides." ibid

Skepticism and caution with this story are still wise.