Thursday, January 12, 2006

Keep It Up!

I just finished reading Michelle Malkin's website and from what it appears the Dems strategy for opposing Samuel Alito is very much akin to what bullies do on the playground. Call him names. In fact they got his wife to crying.

What a pity. Are they so blinded by the hate they feel they can not see the giant bag of poop they are stepping on?

Michelle Malkin picks up on this from Jon Podhoretz:
John Podhoretz marvels: "A Kennedy who has never known a moment's worry about money is now grilling a lifelong middle-class public servant with no family fortune from New Jersey about the public servant's mutual fund -- which, if memory serves, was and is the world's most popular mutual fund, currently serving more than 18 million investors. Teddy Kennedy, by contrast, is showered with money from his family trust. Have you no shame, Senator, at long last?"
A colleague of mine related how when he was in the service he was stationed in the DC area. He would hire himself out privately when off duty or security jobs and would often find himself doing security at senate parties and would often find himself in close proximity to the senator. My buddy was disgusted by that experience.