Monday, February 20, 2006

A Coup in the Works?

The Oakwood Motel in Makati Manila Philippines. Read on for its significance. The date on the photo should read 01/08/2006.

A lot of nervousness in official circles in the Philippines.

It all started out early this morning. Michelle Malkin reporting on an explosion on the Malaca˜ang (the Philippino Whitehouse) grounds. No one was killed or injured in the blast, it seemed to be a warning.
The explosion was ``an expression of our determination and will to end the illegitimate and corrupt administration,'' of President Gloria Arroyo, according to a fax received at the palace press office. The senders said they were made of two groups, the Young Officers Union and the Reformist Armed Forces of the Philippines,...
Source: Bloomberg - Purported Philippine Military Group Says Responsible for Blast
The story then goes on to note the Peso tooks its biggest drop since January 20.

Now, DJB over at Philippine Commentary has been keeping us up to the minute on what is happening in Manila. He passes on this ominous note
BREAKING (0655) I just heard Lt. Larry San Juan, one of the four escaped Oakwood Mutineers talking to radio anchor Eli Saludar (RMN News) on AM Radio in Manila. He is asking residents of the area around Malacanang to "move out temporarily of their homes" this coming Friday...This follows an explosion in a garbage can just outside Malacanang Palace around noon yesterday and persistent rumors. Two organizations, the Young Officers Union-New Generation (YOUNG) and the Reformed Armed Forces of the Philippines (RAFP) Nothing however, happened during last Saturday's homecoming in Baguio City of the Philippine Military Academy...and the radio announcer just hopes civilians are kept out of whatever now happens.

It's bright and hazy in the Archipelago at the moment, a thick fog covers the City of Manila away to the eastwards towards the Antipolo hills...early morning traffic is already building up from the honking sounds...
Source: Philippine Commentary - Philippine Coup Rumors Intensifying
In an update DJB reports Lt. San Juan was arrested shortly after the broadcast and an instigator of one successful coup plot and many failed ones (wow, a failed coup plotter who is not only alive but still in the government) thinks there is little chance of an actual coup being pulled off.

Philippino military cadets marching to lunch. The date on the picture should read 01/06/2006.