Thursday, February 16, 2006

Fran's Followup. Another Eight-Ball!

I should think about limiting Eight-Ball prizes to one per person-month. Right now there is no such limit so Fran Bubolz the winner of the Eight-Ball on Tuesday February 14 follows up with a call and wins his third Eight-Ball award! Congratulations Fran!

Fran's winning entry is actually a call this time, but it is every bit as ignorant and batty as his letters.

ART ATTACK: Freedom of speech doesn't include the right to yell, "Fire!" in a crowded assembly. There are slander and libel laws, too. Some speech is not free. The Danish cartoons gave radicals throughout the world an excuse for using and enjoying murder and mayhem. Did their vulgar, trivializing disrespect of Muslim beliefs accomplish anything positive? Was it worth it, boys?

Fran Bubolz, Appleton
Source: The Appleton Post Crescent - It's Your Call (Art Attack)
Mr. Bubolz clearly shows his ignorance of the entire chain of events. I like this statement: "...gave radicals throughout the world and excuse for using and enjoying murder and mayhem." Since when do they need an excuse? The piglet over to the right is an excuse.

Mr. Bubolz one question for you. What was your reaction to Piss Christ? How about the image of the Virgin Mary created with elephant dung? Were those overreactions by far right Christian conservatives? Do you whine about freedom of speech every time you or the left is criticized?

You see Mr. Bubolz the cartoon conflagration is about much more than a set of silly cartoons. It is about our freedom of the press and expression. It is about censorship, it is about ourselves and our press agencies taking orders from Mecca.

I hope your Arabic lessons are going well dhimmi!

Fran's Third Eight-Ball
Congratulations on your third Eight-Ball Award Mr. Bubolz!