Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ahmednuttyjihad's Letter.

In a word it was nutty. Most reports have the letter as being everything but diplomatic. In fact, according to reports I have heard it was insulting, threatening, and containing Islamic apocolyptic mysticism.

Of course, much like Saddam's 11th hour appeal to a public "debate" with President Bush it seems to be achieving its likely objective. What is that objective? To fool people into thinking the Mad Mullahs of Iran & Ahmednuttyjihad are reasonable and can be talked with.

In fact portions of that letter strike me very much as written shoe-bangning.
Ahmadinejad's 18-page letter to President Bush touched only indirectly on the hottest dispute between the two countries — Iran's nuclear program. Instead, it focuses on a long list of grievances against the United States and seeks to build on a shared faith in God to resolve them
Source: Iranians Fault Rice's Dismissal of Letter - AP Writer ALI AKBAR DAREINI
. No wonder this article is so much at odds with the reports I have heard. First off the obvious fact it was written by Al-Pazeera but then look at the author Ali Akbar Dareini.

The reports I have heard include the letter bashes liberal democracy and states theocracy is the wave of the future. That report also includes references to the 12th Iman, the fact that Islam is the one true religion etc.

Related but on a different track. Reports have it that Europe is now hoping the US will engage in unilateral talks with Iran. Hehehehe, call me cynical but I believe the reason Europe wants us to take up unilateral talks with Iran so when the inevitable happens (i.e. Iran gets is bomb) they can wash their hands of blame and accuse the US of blundering the talks, rather than to have to admit talk is bound to be fruitless in this case.