Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Wretchard Observes:

Wretchard makes his usual keen observations:
Jonah Goldberg perceptively points out that these statements horrify us, not because of what they actually say -- we are almost impervious to the actual message -- but because they are an affront to our self-esteem. We don't want to love so much as need to be loved.
SourceBelmont Club - The Limbo Rock

This is something that should be obvious to the...casual observer. It seems every time a lefty wants to bash President Bush they talk about how the whole world hates us now (of course by implication this means they think the world loved us before when President Clinton was in office). This is a silly.

Why should the world love us, especially those nations that think liberty is a dirty word?

Here is how it typically goes:
Leftoid: The world hates us for our policies.
Righty: What? No they hate us for who we are!

Here is how it should go:
Leftoid: The world hates us for our policies.
Righty: Yes, so? The Mafioso just sentenced to jail for extortion hates the judge who sentenced him and the law enforcement officer who arrested him. He also hates the legislature that passed the laws he violated and by extension the people who support those legislators. Yes, Al-Qaida hates us for our policies, but I would rather be hated for supporting liberty and liberal governance for all than to support a wicked oppressive status quo.

I hate to bring this comparison out but here it comes. Often times the meanest dogs are those beaten and maltreated by their masters. In fear they defend and submit to their masters but lash out at everyone else. If a beaten and oppressed population hates us so be it. We do it so their children and grandchildren may live in liberty's light.

Its not over though. Wretchard in the commentary states:
Tigerhawk has a good point there about Pope Benedict XVI really seeing the Muslim immigrants to Europe as potential converts to Christianity. [emphasis added] But it will all depend on whether we can offer the right mix of Christian meekness and manliness -- yes manliness -- to attract them. The best missionaries in the Third World are incredibly inspirational. You want to emulate such men. Some of milquetoast that passes for Christianity today attracts nobody except afficionados [sic] of limp spaghetti. People don't want to be social workers in cassocks. They want people who will be with them through sickness and triumph and literally to the hour of their deaths.
The Belmont Club - The Limbo Rock

Well I want to coin a term here. I have done a little googling and find no one else it quite this way. The Trojan Camel. Europe has accepted a gift from the Arab World a gift I call The Trojan Camel. They get cheap labor as a gift but it is quite apparent hidden in the cheap labor are the soldiers of the jihad. It isn't dad & moms who are inspiring this but the imams and lack of a competeing voice who are.

The Danish cartoons, the Pope's comments, the picture of Piglet, the liquor ad on TV, are all molehills. However, the radical imams are turning those molehills into mountains and those mountains are being beckoned onto Mohammed. Already, the skirmishers of the fight to come are in contact with the European masses and fighting and they are winning too.

What is the answer? Wretchard & Tigerhawk hint at it above in their analysis of Pope Benedict XVI's remarks. Europe needs to convert their Muslim immigrants to Christianity. Christianity is the only thing in Europe with the backbone to do the job. However, it has to be a manly Christianity and this is the problem.

Europe has been up for grabs in the past and is once again up for grabs. Look into the origin of the croissant however, this time the invaders are in.