Saturday, July 19, 2008

Felons and Guns

Al-Pazeera is running a story on how the Heller case has spawned challenges to laws prohibiting felons from owning guns. I suspect such challenges will fail and I also suspect such challenges ARE and have been routine. What is new, is the need to discredit the Heller case and the gun grabbers are using this case to do just that.

The Constitution recognizes the need to deprive people of their liberties under certain circumstances, but says the government MUST follow due process to curtail a citizen's liberties. The government has a well established due process to declare a person a felon and deny them the right to guns and to vote (as well as incarcerate & fine, & all that jazz). In the same fashion there is a process to petition to have those rights restored.

In short, the Heller ruling will not affect laws prohibiting felons from owning guns; the gun-grabbers are hyping the cases in order to scare people.

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