Monday, August 31, 2009

Mercury Marine — It is Over

The Mercury Marine move is now pretty much a done deal.

Over at Boots and Sabers I got into a discussion and over there one of the commentators took the position we were witnessing standard negotiating Mercury makes a crazy proposal, Union rejects, Mercury makes a more reasonable offer, and so on and so forth. I warned this was a serious situation and to believe otherwise is nothing but whistling.

Anyway the offer Mercury had on the table was valid through the end of last Saturday and the Union finally stopped dragging its feet and commenced a revote late Saturday but there was little notice provided and the Union asked Mercury to allow voting on Sunday, to which, Mercury answered no and they would not honor any votes cast on Sunday.

So, now the contract stands as is until 2012. By 2012 I would guess most of the manufacturing employees will be let go and moved out of the area or have found a new job. I am skeptical most of the manufacturing employees will be offered the chance to move.

In the meantime, there are roughly 1,100 or so jobs on the line. The corporate jobs are now up for discussion. The price of keeping those jobs rose as why would/should Mercury keep those jobs here and maintain those jobs away from their manufacturing center?

Bottom line is the corporate jobs are moving too, the only difference is most of those people will be offered the choice of relocating to Stillwater.