Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Karma Visits Sven Kramer

Sven Kramer after winning gold the first full day of the Olympics was asked his name & country by an NBC reporter. Sven then asked the reporter "Are you stupid?". Well today, Sven switched lanes at the wrong time and was disqualified from a race he was on track to gold medal in.

So funny!

Reminds of that one reporter who laughed it up when President Bush fell of of the Segway. That same reporter a year or so later fell off a Segway and broke a leg. My delight ends when the reporter falls down, but don't be so secure, smug, or arrogant.

I was working one night and saw the town's police officer with a motorist pulled over. I chuckled it up over the other driver's misfortune. A week later on the other side of town, it was me on the side of the town awaiting a ticket.