Saturday, August 07, 2010

Sick of It!

On my Facebook page I am seeing quite a bit of people ripping on the First Lady for her trip to Spain. All I can manage is a meh I could care less one way or another. The common theme is with so much unemployment here in the US the First Lady and the President should bypass their ostentatious living and pursuits and save the taxpayer some money. Again I say unto thee meh.

I got quite fed up with hearing the lefties criticize President Bush every time he left Washington DC. They carped about his spending money, they carped about him being on too much "vacation" (yeah, if the President is ever needed they will find him even if he is on "vacation"). You know, the President and his family need that away time too, probably more so than the average schlub working a 9-5er at the mill.

I know, the left has the wheel rolling over them on this, but I elect the President to lead a great and large nation not to commiserate with us in our misery. Remember, Bill Clinton tried that tack, "I feel your pain" but what did it earn him?