Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Brown Beats Coakley!


Deep Blue Massachusetts votes for Scott Brown (R) to replace Teddy Kennedy (D). Reading Twitter is great fun, especially #masen.

Congratulations to Scott Brown on his victory over Martha Coakley.

The Democrats and more specifically President Obama are feeling the first tingle of a slap on their hands. No doubt, the same tingle was being felt in 2006 by the GOP. One fellow (former Obama voter) this evening on the Luntz section of Hannity said I wanted change back to the center not a far left lurch.

I am quite sure the Congressional leaders (both houses) and the President will come out redoubling their grip on the national steering wheel. They believe they need to get their agenda done within the next year or it will be at least another 12 years before they get another opportunity. You bet they will work to ram this stuff down our throats. Scott Brown's win made that harder for them to do.