Friday, November 19, 2004

Aunt Jemima Comment.

The comment by John Sylvester is finally getting some media play.

WHBY's morning man Jay VanStiphout mentioned the story this morning with an amazement that Madison hadn't erupted over the comment. His take was the average Madison listener would be upset. He is wrong the average Madison listener would be nodding in agreement.

Political correctness is soooo maddening not because it applies to everyone, but because there are exemptions.

Bill Maher's show "Politically Correct" is an example of this. They would stand up and rip and rail on conservatives and Christians and then claim this was a sign of political incorrectness. Nothing could be farther from what PC really is about. PC is about not offending specially designated victim groups. If you are not a member of a victim group then it is open season on you.

Condeleeza's membership in the conservative club trumps everything else and therefore it is quite acceptable to use racial stereotypes to vilify her.

I ran into an example of this when defending Margaret Thatcher some years ago. I was in a discussion with a woman about the female heads of state and how the West lacks them. I pointed out they were not lacking, the UK had Margaret Thatcher, my neighbor hissed back at me "Margaret Thatcher is no woman!".

The left can be so disconnected from reality.