Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Kerry's Concession.

Concession speeches are hard for me. Even when my guy wins. In Ken Burn's "The Civil War" they talk about how the Union soldier's and leader's reacted to Lee's surrender. They were glad they won but had no heart to gloat over their opponents. The quote I can recall is how can you gloat over a man who just lost fighting his heart for his dearest beliefs, even though they be bad beliefs. Indeed. I reacted the same way to the Gore concession. Up to 9:30 or so yesterday I was fire and fight now the fire is put out and human kindness is back.

Senator Kerry's (I used to refer to them as SKerry & Edweirds and will no longer do so) speech hit the right notes. He defintely wants the campaign season to be over with and to have us all come together again. The biggest event which set us on the current road was not the revelution it was when George Washington's opponent conceded defeat.

Is this going to change the current political climate? In itself no, but the results of this election put to rest the notion of an illegitimate Bush Presidency.

Senators Kerry and Edwards my hat is off to your concession.