Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Vote Fraud in Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Blogs are really getting worked up in a tizzy about Milwaukee voting practices. They have reason too.

In the 2000 election IIRC Algae (think Al G. i.e. Al Gore) won by 6,000 votes this time around Kerry wins by 11,000 or so. In both cases it appears (if the reports from Michelle Malkin, Boots & Sabers, from Lakeshore Laments, etc are to be believed and they are talking about dry facts here) as if more than enough same day registration confirmation cards came back undelivered (due to non-existent addresses and the like) to have put the Dem over the top in both cases. I am not going to go over those but instead this comment I dug up from Boots and Sabers:

Milwaukee's top election official said today that claims of fraud in the Nov. 2 election are overblown, noting the number of registration confirmation cards that could not be sent out this year was comparable to the last presidential election.

Lisa Artison, executive director of the city Election Commission, also noted that those who registered to vote on Nov. 2. had to present valid identification to poll workers before they were issued a ballot.

Two points:

  1. This may explain a reputable officials certainty that W won Wisconsin in 2000.

  2. Valid ID means one of two things. First a valid id or it could mean someone vouches for that person.. In fact I heard of reports of busses full of voters pulling up to the polls and one person vouching for everyone on the bus. Ms. Artison's second comment is not has airtight as one would like it to be.

The only concern I have is Wisconsin tighten up procedures for registration and voting. Same day registration has to go and all voters should be required to present picture ID when voting.