Monday, February 14, 2005

Intrade & Senator Fiendgold & Tommy Thompson.

The webiste Intrade is a futures events market. Essentially it is betting on whether or not a given event will occur in a given time frame. For example they are taking bets on Osama Bin Laden's capture or incapactitation by the end of February, March, and June. They have bets on Zarqawi too.

Anyway they are setting up contracts on the 2008 Presidential Nominees. In the GOP side of it McCain leads with an bid/ask $17.20/$18.60 contract. Shrillary leads the Democratic field with a bid/ask of $36.20/37.50. Interestingly enough we have two men from Wisconsin one on each side.

Tommy Thomposon's bid/ask is $0.30/1.10 and Senator Fiendgold's is 1.0/3.2. I can not disagree with the market on this one.

Check it out it is a real interesting site. I am going to be a regular visitor and see what the markets can divine!