Thursday, February 24, 2005

Monkey View. is the name of the image server I am using.

A little lesson in the technicalities of blogs. Blogspot just dishes out the text of the blog. If I want to post a photo with a blog I have to find another server on the internet that I can place the picture onto and then refer to that picture through that server.

One of the terms for using the service is if a photo is dished out to the public via that service than it stamps each photo with the text.

My dialup ISP gives me 5 MB of storage but I am using most of that space for a personal webpage and I have been able to put about 6 photos out there before running into that 5 MB limit. So I now must resort to the monkeyview photo server.

I set up a similar system over at NEW Bayanihan and I could utilize that system to dish out photos but I have a feeling that might not be quite okay due to the nature of my activity here and the nature of NEW Bayanihan.

So don't get all worked up if you think a photo of yourself or anyone else is being likened to monkeys!