Monday, March 21, 2005

Answering Critics.

Listening to talk radio today I was surprised at the level of sympathy for killing Terri.

Some of the arguments being brought up were kinda interesting.

Some of the arguments in support of murdering Terri are:

  • How dare the government violate the sanctity of marriage
  • As if one of the things permitted by marriage is killing ones spouse.

  • The Government is violating federalism
  • Well now all of a sudden the Left gets federalism. In any event it is the duty of the state to protect the life and limb of its citizenry. That duty starts at the lowest level and proceeds up the chain until that duty is fulfilled.

    Also noted at: The National Right to Life Website:

    When federal rights are at stake, rights protected by the Constitution or by federal law, Congress frequently gives the federal courts jurisdiction to review state court judgments or to remove cases from state courts altogether.
    . . .
    If Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy and Scott Peterson should all have a guaranteed federal court review, after their cases have been fully through the state court system, then why shouldn't an innocent woman like Terri Schiavo be given that same chance?

  • I would want to be done away with too!
  • However you are not in the situation, Terri is. Also, do you know you would want to die? People in the prime of life take life for granted take it for granted that all is easy and if things start to get hard they say they want to be "put down". Shortly after my Grandma died we were talking with the undertaker and he told me my Grandmother was very tired. He stated most people don't realize how exhausting death is how no matter how dire that a person's health is they still fight death until their is nothing left to fight with. No, Terri's life is precious and I have seen video of her, she doesn't look senseless by any stretch of the imagination.