Friday, March 18, 2005


Today's highlights from today's Drudge Report

  1. North Korea: 'Human scum' Bolton is 'worst' UN envoy...
  2. Another endorsement Mr. Bolton should be proud of! Funny how the left and the Dems find themselves allied to the North Korean thugocracy.

  3. Clinton Camp Fires First Shot At Kerry Camp... "BIDEN RIPS KERRY OVER 'TERROR STRATEGY'..."
  4. Kerry was responding to the position of the guy who now leads DNC. Also senatorial Democrat leaders spoke at a rally to motivate opposition to the President's judicial nominees. That is he danced to the tune of the current Democratic Leadership. You need to aim higher Joe.

  5. NOONAN: If Terri Schiavo is killed, Republicans will pay a political price...
  6. I don't think so. Most people realize who the executioners are, I think it may hit one or two Republicans but I don't see a huge price on this one.

  7. Dead Squid Wash Up in California Again...
  8. I have always been fascinated by the squid. I had a record album when I was a youngster Johnny Quest, Race Bannon, and Dr.... (I forgot the Dr.s name) were in a diving bell and were attacked by a squid. Of course they made it out alive. I think that is the source of this. Ever read Beast by Peter Benchley? If you have read Jaws don't waste your time, just substitute squid for shark.