Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Are Al-Pazeera and the MSM are up to their old tricks?

Jerry Bader on WTAQ this morning reported the MSM and Al-Pazeera were misreporting the story on Rep. Daniel LeMahieu's (R-Oostburg) proposed legislation to prohibit the distribution of the "morning after pill" by the UW system to young women going on spring break.

The bit of research I have done shows that this is much ado about nothing? However, given the past behavior of the MSM it is hard to say. They have in the past changed stories without notice in order to give themselves cover.

Jerry reported the AP and the local MSM reported Rep. LeMahieu wanted to prohibit the distribution of all contraception but the stories I have seen indicate the original statement from the press release in question was vague and needed clarification.

Does anyone know anymore about the story?