Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Weekend

Was pretty good. It was full on winter up north with eight inches or so of new snow falling between Friday night and Saturday morning. Ski Brule was full of new snow. It made for slower and bumpier skiing. It was good to have some "powder" to ski in for a change but it is definitely more work.

SA night was spent heating up food goofing around and watching basketball! Saw UW-M beat BC and advance and watched the excellent games of Bucknell beating Kansas and Wake Forest losing in double overtime.

Sunday was back to Brule. The hill was packed powder as they groomed it all Saturday after skiing. I normally ski with a wide stance, shins driving into boot tongue and in balance. Today I started working on a narrow erect stance. I did okay going down the intermediate runs and reverted to my regular stance going down big bear and then I tried the new stance going down Whitewater. I went down and went down hard!

I am skiing down the hill one moment everything seemingly fine and the next moment my head is banging on the snow and I am getting a serious face washing! Contacts remained in my eyes. My left ski came off and was about half-way down the hill with my poles, hat, and goggles. The rest of me was about 3/4s the way down the hill. The first thing you do is to make sure everything (bone wise) feels like it is all in the right positions and properly aligned. Check. The next thing I did was to get up so patrollers and others could see I was okay. After that it was to visit the yard sale and reclaim my gear and put myself back together. Later on I started giving myself mental quizzes to ascertain I did not get a concussion. I kept skiing.

I have quite a few sore spots. My left leg, my neck, and my stomach being the primary complainers. If I have to lift my left leg it needs aid. Fortunately nothing feels like I have anything more than a bunch of pulled muscles.

As my brother says, I don't crash often but when I do its a doozey!