Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Blogger Beer Dictionary.

A - h - I - L - M - O - T -
Acronym, word, or Phrase DefinitionExample of usage
- A -
Al-PazeeraThe AP aka the Associated PressA reporter from Al-Pazeera just happened to be on site when an Iraqi policeman was murdered.
- H -
HTHat Tip giving credit to a blogger for something.HT to Michlle Malkin for alerting us to the UAW's dastardly action!
HowDeaHoward DeanIMO, HowDea is an ignatz!
- I -
IgnatzA stupid person, a fool, an idiot.Maureen Dowd is an ignatz!
IIRCIf I Recall CorrectlyIIRC, Lincoln said Four score and seven years ago. . .
IMOIn My OpinionIMO, HowDea is an ignatz!
- L -
Long NeedleThe death penaltyBrian Nichols should get the long needle!
- M -
MSMMainStream MediaDan Rather is the rule and not the exception in the MSM.
- O -
OTOHOn The Other HandThe passion killer does not scare Mr. Dalyrymple OTOH career criminals do scare him.
- T -
THugo ChavezHugo Chavez, leftist thug tyrant in VenezuelaTHugo Chavez is aligning himself with the Iranians!
TICTeacher's Industrial ComplexThe TIC is sucking us dry!