Monday, March 28, 2005

FEC Proposed Regulations Blog. VII.

I spent a little more time looking at the end of the FEC proposed regulations document.

As I said earlier it discusses what is a volunteer and basically says anyone who is an independent volunteer and is funding their activities on their own is not going to be regulated. It also spends some time looking at the role of company/union supplied gear has on all of this.

I get a laptop from my company and take it home. Now am I allowed to blog politically with this laptop? It appears the FEC is leaning to NO you are not (apart of isolated and incidental usages).

None of this changes my opinion of the BCRA. A judge ordered the FEC to do this, and if that same (or other) judge does not like the rules they develop then the way the judiciary is today it will write and impose the rules they want (or the rules wanted in China, or Guinea, or Jamaica, or Uruguay).