Thursday, March 10, 2005

High Time for an Appleton Post.

The big deal around here of late is the fireworks at the Timber Rattler games. It seems Grand Chute is going to mandate a limit on the number of nights per summer they can shoot fireworks. The other day in the APC there was plenty of support, since then there have a been a dribble or two of letters in opposition to the Timber Rattlers' fireworks. Unfortunately the one thing for sure is the T'Rats are going to drop reports from their firework show.

The goofiest letter was from someone saying a winning team doesn't need gimmicks to draw a crowd. Oh my. I go to a game because I want to see the game, no matter if my team is winning or losing. However, fireworks add a little extra to the night even if the team is winning. I will choose a fireworks night over a non-fireworks night and no matter if the Timber Rattlers are winning or losing will probably stay home if there are no fireworks.

I have no great attachment to The Timber Rattlers.

For those of you not from Appleton or the area, the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers are a farm club team for the Seattle Mariners.