Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Last Bit.

I warned you about an up and coming spoof blog. Here it is! You all know the Capital One ads with David Spade telling the customer NO all the time. Who does that sound like? Yeah! Right! The Democrats! No ideas on their own just NO NO NO. They would be ideal in that advert!

I have a couple of good lines (at least IMO) but like I said after those couple of cute lines came out quickly but the rest were the result of labor and IMO unproductive labor. Oh well keep trying right! I have to dig up a spoof article I wrote poking fun at Penquinistas (Socialists who think Linux is the key to freedom and MS and profit is in general evil).

Here it is:
Script for the "No Way" Ad Campaign advertisement #1.

Pres: Hey, I just nominated Priscilla Owens to sit on the fifth circuit, how about confirming her?
Dem: Did you say Priscilla NOwens!

Pres: Hey, I got some great ideas how to rescue social security, how about sitting down to talk abou
t it?
Dem: It will take too much NOough!

Pres: Hey, our troops need more money how about it?
Dem: I see a NO to follow a yes.

Pres: Hey, I just nominated Janice Brown for the DC Circuit Court, how about her?
Dem: I see a fill-o-NO coming.

Pres: How about a national energy policy that includes more domestic oil?
Dem: The Anwar is NO.

Pres: Do you have any of your own ideas?
Dem: No.

Pres: I am going to the people!
Dem: NO!

Good night!