Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Howard Dean and his hamhandedness.

Howard Dean is nothing but a hamhand. Of course it is exactly what many Democrats think they need and he gives perfect expression to many in leftist movement.

The Left thinks the reason they lose is because they do not fight, they do not stand for their values, or they do not fight nasty enough. So they see in Howard Dean someone who is not afraid of being a leftist, someone willing to fight and fight nasty.

Howard Dean is playing the role very well so far. Too bad for the Deaniacs the real leadership of the Party thinks him a problem. I do not have independent confirmation of this but I heard that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi were given the DNC mailing lists by Terry McCauliffe prior to Terry's leaving the office. Wow! If true that is a huge slap in Dean's face. Mailing lists are VERY important and this is a loss of power to HowDea (say it Howdy).

HowDea's statements too are incredible. The left bloviates so much on how "hate is not a family value" and how they are so tolerant but look at the language HowDea uses when talking about Republicans. Too bad the leftist movement can not find the courage to use such language against the jihadis of the world, but that would take courage as the jihadis sometimes get violent but Republicans just brush it off.

Politics is about maneuver. Maneuvering your opponent into doing something foolish and the Democrats just did that by electing HowDea as the DNC chair.

Oh, one last point. The Dems have to cover who they are. When they do they win and when they come out of the closet they lose. America is not Europe.