Monday, March 14, 2005

Powerline Post & Coining a Term!

First off Powerline is making much of a meeting and an agreement signing between Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Khatami of Iran. Well the term "Mad Mullah" is certainly well known but how many know of and use:

THugo Chavez

to refer to the president of Venezuela?

Hence I declare THugo Chavez an invention of Marcus Aurelius of Blogger Beer! You may use it as you will but when I say I invented it believe me! Unless anyone can point to an earlier use of (aside from my use of it on soc.culture.filipino).

Anyway Powerline yesterday noted the meeting between THugo and Khatami.

Today on Powerline there is a discussion about a reader's response that Iran is morally obliged to destroy Western Culture. I am afraid the correspondent has a point. This, gentle reader, should not be taken as an endorsement. Iran views the West as kaffir and needs to be either brought into the light of Islam or conquered (pretty much the same). Now the US stands in the way of their plot more than anyone else. Since the Mad Mullahs know our southern border is very porous why not exploit the likes of THugo? Of course THugo is not viewed much more highly than the US is, but he is convenient right now.

A responder to the original "Iran is moral bound to destroy us" note asks:
If indeed, as Ms. Wells carefully explains, the mullahs are "morally bound to destroy Western Culture," then aren't we, as the defenders of Western culture, morally bound to destroy the current regime in Iran?

I answer yes we are moral bound to resist. However, I am just a nefarious neo-con who secretly does the bidding of the Mossad. In fact the Mossad is right now transmitting messages to me via The Montreal Symphony's recording of Bolero. The drums are tapping out a code to me.

In all seriousness. We should recognize the danger here, but all too many people want to make deals and try to bribe the Mad Mullahs. All too many people want to ignore the Mad Mullahs. They want to ask the Mad Mullahs to be nice. Soo sorry, it will not work anymore than asking the axe-wielding madman in London to "please stop beheading that man" (see my Drudgies post from earlier today).