Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Communion, Abortion, and Pope Benedict XVI.

HT: Dummocrats for this story.

Yahoo News reports on the Pope's instructions to the American Church during our election.

A memo was propagated that said Priests should deny communion to those Catholic politicians who actively support abortion and to those who vote for a candidate because of the politician's abortion position.

You see abortion the Church condemns abortion as grave sin and those who aid and abet in that sin are guilty. Now when people commit grave sin they are not to partake in communion until the confess, which BTW means they make an honest and sincere effort to give that sin up. To receive communion when one carries the stain of grave sin is in itself compounding that grave sin with more grave sin. The rebuke in that memo is for the benefit of the rebuked! It is intended to give the rebuked a chance to repent and turn from sin, to allow them to come to communion with Grace.

We had a similar brewhaha here over in the Western Wisconsin. Dave Obey the Democratic Congressman from Wausau was similarly rebuked by the Bishop from LaCrosse.