Tuesday, April 19, 2005

My Take on Pope Benedict XVI.

I am glad for him. In any event I am not going to complain about it anyway but obediently accept. I was hoping he would become Pope as from what I hear he was doing all the right things and making the right enemies.

A little info I have gleaned from various sources about Pope Benedict XVI. Yes, he was a "Hitler's Youth" member but so were all German youngsters. He was drafted into the Wermacht and was trained as a basic infantryman and found himself in Hungary manning anti-aircraft guns. He deserted in 1944 and spent time in a POW camp. He then went to the seminary and trained as a priest.

He is a very learned man and holds a doctorate degree. His job just before this latest promotion was basically to make sure Church teaching the world over conformed to Vatican teaching. This is a very good thing to be doing before one becomes Pope, and doubly so with some of the problems the Church faces today, namely the US Church and its pedophilia crisis.