Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Free Flights Out of Iraq for Filipinos.

Last Thursday a Filipino was murdered in Iraq and now the Filipino government has announced it will offer free transportation back to the Filipinas for all Filipinos in Iraq.
The story is here.

President Gloria Arroyo's spokesman Ignacio Bunye said the attacks were a "warning that the situation in Iraq remains dangerous to our people."

He said the foreign and labor departments "stand ready to help to facilitate the repatriation" of Filipinos who volunteer to leave the country.

"I reiterate with the deepest concern the appeal that I have just made for Filipinos in Iraq to seriously consider voluntary repatriation in light of these latest and worrying developments," said Foreign Secretary Alberto Romulo
Source: Yahoo News: Philippines urges national to leave Iraq, as second Filipino killed
Iraq is dangerous for all people who believe in freedom from fear and oppression, Filipinos no exception. GMA's administration think it is lack of transportation back to the Filipines their kababayan are in Iraq? They are in Iraq because of the GMA Administration's nation wrecking incompetence.

Okay, they get back home to the Filipines then what? Start combing the streets for bottles and cans to recycle? Sell smokes to motorists?