Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A Need For SDI!

With the War on Terror many have told us we don't need SDI, the terrorists are going to sneak their bomb over on a freighter and SDI can not defend against that. They remind us the terrorists hijacked airliners and converted them into guided missiles, that SDI would have failed against that attack as well.

All of the President's men and all of the President's forces did not prevent 9/11, do we then give up on our conventional forces? In any event there are evolving threats that SDI is well suited to defend against.

Wretchard at the Belmont Club has pulled together various sources that point out the Mad Mullahs of Iran are not only working on a nuclear weapon capability but also ballistic missiles. With this capability the Mad Mullahs have the capability to launch a electro-magnetic pulse attack. While analysts do not believe Iran is capable of an attack that would devastate the entire nation's electrical distribution system and electronics, it would do significant damage. This is not to be ignored!

This is the realm of SDI. A robust SDI shield would be able to repel such an attack. In my estimation (FWIW) I do not believe Iran capable of a large scale missile attack that could overwhelm a robust SDI system.

The other mode of attack Iran could launch is of course, a blockade of the Persian Gulf and attack tankers in the Sea of Oman. Claudia, my father and myself spent a weekend on that Sea and the line of tankers waiting to dash in, load up, and dash out of the Persian Gulf was quite long. It is my supposition Iran will NOT attack tankers and will not choke the supply of oil.

For starters the threat of a tanker war is enough to keep most nations at bay. I also believe any attack will force nations to take a side and since Iran would be doing the shooting, I believe most nations would be hostile to Iran. I think US forces would be able to sink the Iranian navy fairly quickly and the missile sites on the coast would be destroyed in fairly quick order.

The best option though is always preemption. We too have weapons against Iran and our most potent weapon is liberty! Our nation needs to encourage the movement to a liberal system of government in Iran. The nation is not stable and the Mullahs quite often have to use brutal force against the population. We need to encourage the people to rise up and put the Mullahs down. As Michael Ledeen always says: "Faster please!".