Thursday, May 05, 2005

Your {INSERT PERSON} Number.

In my previous blog I refer to my "Instapundit number".

What is that you ask? Well, I guess my Instapundit number would not be two and probably greater than that. Anyway, let us instead talk about my Reagan number. I have met and am acquainted with someone who personally met Ronald Reagan. That person's RR number is 1, since they met him (with Ronald Reagan's Reagan number being 0). Since I know a person with an RR number of 1, my RR number is 2. People who meet or know me have a RR number of 3 (provided they do not know someone with an RR number of 1), etc.

So what I am saying is since I am up against The American Mind (Sean Hackbarth's blog, and Sean is a co-blogger at the Badger Blog Alliance) and Sean's blog was commented directly on by Glenn Reynolds I say my Instapundit number is 2. A stretch and I guess this really would not work like this unless Sean has met Glenn physically and then I meet Sean.

Where did this silliness come from? It all arises from the strange world of higher mathematics. There was a mathematician named Paul Erdős who was very brilliant. If a mathematician collaborated with Mr. Erdős they get an Erdős number of 1. Those who collaborate on a paper with those of Erdős number 1 get an Erdős number of 2 and so on.

So if in the future you see me refer to a number of X, you now know what that means!