Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Keep the Pressure On!

HT to Blackfive's "Red on Red - Is the Insurgency Changing? post.

Read this article by Bill Roggio at Winds of Change. The article details our forces are noticing the terrorists are starting to fight amongst each other. He refers to articles from the NYT and other similar sources, so you really have to stretch to say it is just more right-wing delusion.

We have the insurgency on the ropes. They may not be falling soon, but we certainly are dealing the blows to them rather than the other way around we must not lose heart and we must keep the pressure on. After the Blackhawk Down incident the Somali warlords were very worried they were going to get hit hard and they were doubly concerned since their supplies were low and probably would have suffered huge losses, but what happened? We ran away.