Monday, June 06, 2005

Memorial Day Happenings Elsewhere.

What a hoot!

I was away this weekend, "up nort" and so was pretty much out of tune with the world in general. Went fishing, went to a pig roast, barbecued some ribs, had some beers and just generally got away from things. It was well worth it.

However, now I am back things are starting all over again. The most interesting event of the weekend by far was Danica Patrick's appearance in the Indy 500. Not so much for the remarkable day she had (she did have one) but for the fuss it has caused over at the Badger Blog Alliance.

NRO's The Corner took off for the weekend as well. In their absence my co-BBA bloggers plotted to take over NRO's position as the blog of choice for the conservative readers. Lance's plot consisted of mentioning Danica's name a lot. It also consisted of us moving from our
homes here in Wisconsin to the area local to NR and getting on their wireless network (see the blog itself here) and taking over!

This morning KJL noticed and put up a link to that BBA blog Cool! Way to go Lance!

I am getting some spillover traffic here.